Vintage Hansen and Hobie (need info on them)

Hey guys,

So i have 2 vintage boards that i have and was wondering if you guys know anything about them.

The Hansen i purchased at a yardsale in upstate NY 2 years ago. The tailblock has a number 1779.

The Hobie i actually just picked up today in NJ off a guy on craiglist.

Thanks, Fil


Bill Thrailkill is the guy for all things Hansen.

Does that Hobie have a nose concave? Hard to tell from the pics but it appears so.

I would guesstimate both boards are approximately 1964-66 vintage. They look to be pretty stock shapes for the period. Though, the Hobie looks a bit suspect with that solid color job. May have been "disguised" at some point to cover major damage.

Thanks SammyA

I contacted Bill and he has given me info on the Hansen.

The Hobie i have no idea about. It does have a little nose concave. It is 9'10" and heavy as hell.

So you think it deffinetley was painted over, im assuming because you cannot see the stringer?


If the Hobie has a concave it is most likely an early Hobie Noserider. I had a 10'2" Hobie NR and it was also heavy as hell… 32 lbs. You rarely (if ever) saw a mid sixties board with pigment covering the stringer like that. Especially a Hobie. That's why I suspect it's been doctored. Can you tell if it is painted, or if it actually has a gloss coat on the exterior? It's also odd that the nose and tail seem whiter than the middle. Could have been Slipchecked.

So, what did Bill tell you about the Hansen?


Probably mid 1964, and most likely shaped by Fred (Buzzy) Smole.

Sorry for the late response.

Your most likely right Sammy. When i look at the logo i can tell it was painted over, as the lines arent even.

Also the nose has some chipping so you can kind of see the original paint. As for why the board is 2 diff colors, The guy i bought it from

told me his brother painted stripes on the nose and tail but he sanded it down a few years later, so i guess the middle color is just from age.

Does the painting of the board make it not worth much? I would never sell it anyway as they are too much fun to ride!




The paint job makes me think the board has some real damage that was covered up. So, the value is less whether you strip the paint or leave "as is". Also, if you have been riding it with that open wound in the nose then 'shame on you'. The stringer is exposed and no doubt sucking water, which will lead to rot. Fix the open dings if you plan on riding it!

Haha, I have not ridden the Hobie yet. I literally just got off the phone with the dude that is gonna fix up both of them.

As for the paint job im thinking, its either what you said or some kid wanted to maybe freshen up an old paint job.

So there is a possibility to strip it down to its original color?

My Money is on somewhere someone made an tempt to cover up a really really beat Board that open stringer hints that the stringer is dry rotted 



so should i even bother fixing that nose on the hobie?



Hell, yes. Fix it and ride it, or sell it to someone who will.

They shall be fixed and ridden to death then! 

I was just getting negative vibes from the comments as if it was a complete bust.