Vintage Hansen Superlight


'',,,thanks, so it is from 67 or 68 basically?''


My guess would be 1968.

thanks again!


will search for threads on best wy to restopre and repair the holes and suck too, any leads on that are welcome!


also, hope not too kooky, but going to consider a leash, it is just so crowded sometimes and that things is a boat! dont want it flying into anyone… saw it once on a fin, but that seemed not proper… ideas?





Hi, nevermind found some threads about leash or no leash, sorry, sure you get the same questions all the time, enjoy!

You never said what size the board is. The Superlight was introduced just before board sizes began to drop. So, there are longboard versions and shorter, transition ones as well. If the board is in the mid 9’ range, it’s most likely a ‘67. Under 9’ would date more like '68.

The measurements you gave on the fin placement mean nothing. What matters is that it has the proprietary Hansen fin system that was only in use for a couple of years. You may find a replica at, maybe.

If I was going to put a leash on that (I wouldn’t), I’d use a stick-on job or do a leash bridge.


A “bridge” looks like this:

Hi again, thanks so much. let me add too I finally did rread the forum rules and all that and know that from the below:

Some things will make you popular: 

  1. Spend some time before you storm in. 
  2. Search before you ask. 
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I am guilty of not having done #'s 3 and 4 before I began, but I have read much since and do appreciate the time and thoughts…


It is 9’ 4" it seems


I hear you on the leash, but at rockaway wehre I go mostly, via subway:-), is often c r o w d e d. and though I am no pro, there are often super beginners in the water too and in the way so to speak and I am sure to lose this board at some point if it is 4 foot or so, easy short swim, but could hit someone… sometimes even swimmers in the water where i go…

I will try out the glue on I read about from your suggestion and saw it on some other threads here.

Also contacted the kind gentleman in florida about a fin, but I am an enviro educator and activist and dont have much $, so will make do with the fin on it for now…


I am going to remove some paint splatters, looks like it leaned against a wall for 15 or so years the woman told me and they must have painted their apartment around it… will use the recommened graffitiremover stuff someone indicated works.


And there are a few small holes, surface dings and tail repair I think I will start with Sun Cure on it just to get it water tight.  I tried fiberglass and resin to fix up a G and S from the 80’s thruster I got blessed with, and that did not turn out ideal, stayed water tight, but looked ugly brown extra I used, but glides nice and it worked!, but the part on the glassed on fins I did , bubbled or something and I will have to sand it back and something there again, that is a tricky part…


getting it watertight suggestions for the super beginner are appreciated!


thanks to this discussion board, aho!

If it already has a fin why do you need another?

As to repairs… search the archives and do your best to follow the advice of experienced hands. Your photos are not very sharp or clear, but it looks like the board is not worth a lot of fuss. Just make it water tight. Given that you claim it is a 9’4", it is most probably from 1967. A '68 version would be nearly a foot shorter.


PS: How the hell do you plan to get that thing on the subway?

hi, thanks, yes bad phone photos… the fin is pockmarked, but yes totally doable, just inquiring to see also what is possible, read some threads about making one too!


as I am sure you know if one wants to surf one will best find a way, and with no car, and a loooong bike ride away, well the silver chariot awaits… have taken a long board on before, though prefer if with friend’s or I borrow a car… best at pre dawn patrol, ie pre rush hour too, and if I come back in the middle of the day, can work as it is the end of the line almost from the beach, so getting on with space early is easy coming back… but that is the main reason I went to a thruster and 6 foot plus fish ! 


i smile and thank everyone on the subway, exude aloha spirit and read a book and have some music in my ears as I smile:-)


yes will review further the repair threads as best I can, thanks!



Start with photo’s, the board number, then ask me your question.   I shaped for Hansen 1965 thru 1969



you probably shaped my “last” longboard, Bill, a beautiful, superbly balanced, 9’8" Hansen Master custom ordered through the Pedro Point Surfshop in Pacifica, CA, delivered summer of 68’…a few months later we were stripping glass off  longboards to shape into shorties (dearth of blanks in Norcal at that time)… the Master escaped the butchery, however, and went to HI with a pretty hot surf gal who loved cross-steppin…


Hello I have been reading this thread to catch up on what I have…I bought a 9’ Hansen 50/50 (Cardiff) at the Goodwill for $50. I picked it up because my kids and I just learned to surf and it makes me smile. Living in eastern Washington I was surprised to see it sitting outside the store… The number at the base is 12741.C so, I believe it was shaped by Willy Clark. I am curious what year it might be? Thank you Trish


The number at the base is 12741.C so, I believe it was shaped by Willy Clark. I am curious what year it might be? Thank you Trish



Yes, Willy was the shaper.    Most likely late 1966, or early 1967.

Wow! Thank you! It is pretty beat up but I love it! (And its sooo heavy) It came with a sticky note attached to a bad rash patch that says “shark attack” I wish I know who owned it etc…If only it could talk!.. Thank you for your time. Trish


I'm glad to be able to add to your ''surfing pleasure'' with some info on the board.    Welcome aboard Swaylocks.     There are many helpful and knowledgable members on this site.    So don't be shy about asking questions about almost anything surf related.

Anyone know what this Hansen Board is? It had a black fin (broken in half) that curved in the opposite direction and was glassed into the space between the stringer, when I dragged it out of a basement. It is 10’ 0", narrow, and fun. Other than which basement I found it (my friend in Dana Point, in the mid eighties), there is little else to go on to learn it’s story. I may also be interested in selling it, if the price is right.

Bdpickle, I know on the east coast you wouldn’t get to much for that gem. Maybe on the west coast it’s different. I’m not sure what it is but somebody will chime in. Here’s a 68 or 69 super light 8’-10"

Most likely a 1966 board.      Shaped by Fred (Buzzy) Smole, and was a personal board of his.     I recall him having several boards with glass tailblocks, on both ends.

…hello Bdpickle, excellent foil/volume distro that you have in that board; nice rocker curve. Pretty functional board seeking waves

I found the nose block very interesting. I can’t say that I have seen that before,very nice touch.


That noseblock is pretty cool. Sure as hell isn’t a stock board.

A trick I used to do for nose repairs was to take fin blank cutoff pieces and stack them as a noseblock to replace broken tips. Did one on a friend’s mid 70s Yater semi-gun and it came out sweet. The board had a deep blue tint and I did red/black/blue layers to create the block to rebuild the beak nose.