Vintage Hansen Superlight



I just bought a vintage 9’10 Hansen Superlight and I’d appreciate if Mr Bill Thrailkill or anyone could help me learn a little more about this board.


I’m not really a board collector (my first vintage) but I fell in love with this board because it seems like a very good and functionnal board to ride.


It’s 9’10" by probably 22" and less than 3" thick and has very thin rails. 

The board is watertight, and I feel it’s in pretty good shape for a board of it’s age. Apparently, a new gloss coat has been added recently but it remains fairly light (about 10 kg / 20 lbs).


Here are some pics :







Serial number is 13340-C or maybe 13340-G


From what I found on the web and reading some of Bill Thrailkill posts on similar boards, I think it might date from the first half of 1968 and could be shaped by bill Clark.

Is that correct ?  

I couldn’t find anything about Bill Clark (not even in the Shapers Tree), any info on this shaper ?


Then comes the fin …


From this ad, 1968 SuperLights should be fitted with this type of fin system :


On my superlight, someone adapted a modern US box, but there are no signs of prior hydro wedge box (no signs of any corresponding bolt hole on the deck). 

Actually it seems that there was originaly a blue and black glass on fin that was replaced by a fin box and that fin box was replaced again by another fin box (see below).

Bill, what do you think about that ?   Would that be a custom board ? 







I’m sure Bill T will add more, but…

I’d guess the board had the original Hansen removable fin system. The leash attachment seen is right about where the hole would be for the fin screw. Doubt it is a custom board. Looks pretty standard for the period. Most likely, late 67 or early 68. Typical of many boards of the period, the fin was probably broken or lost, and someone replaced the box to make it rideable. At the time, many labels had their own fin system and those gave way to universal box systems in short order. Most commonly, WAVESET.

That’s what I first thought as well, but the actual leash hole is only 6mm wide and it’s located at the rear end of the box.  The Hansen removable fin system had the hole located at the center of the box (see example below) therefore it couldn’t be a hydro-wedge box.


And then, how would you explain the blue and black piece of fin stuck inside the blank ?



Hydro wedge box :




You’re right. On second look, I can see the bit of fin base still there. Typical of that time. I had a Hansen around 1965 that had a black and white layered glasson fin. I think that was their standard fin around then. Sort of a signature look.

SammyA, PierreB,

While I slept, you fellows answered the question perfectly.     Bill (Willy) Clark is indeed the shaper.     Based on the number , I think the board probably dates from 1966.   The board originally had a glass on fin.    Two different boxes were added later.   By way of background, Bill Clark was from Chula Vista.    He was trained by Fred (Buzzy) Smole as a shaper.  Bill is an OUTSTANDING craftsman, boat builder/designer.   Still out there as CLARK CUSTOM BOATS, in San Diego.  He has built boats for Dennis Conners.

Edit:   The fin color, and the tailblock are both non standard for the period.   So, most likely it IS a customer order board, as opposed to an inventory   


Looks a bit like McDing's vintage Hansen (pics from the Thrailkill roundtable at SHF)

Thank you Bill and Sammy for your answers.  I appreciate it. 

A friend saw the board a few days ago and fell in love with it.  He’s gonna come and mesure the rocker curve in details.  I’ll post the data, if that interests anyone.

As in Hucks' picture;  Yes I have one as well .  With the original fin and box(screw thru the top).  The template is a very nice outline..  I'm sure a square tail could be tacked on if preferred.  The pintail is nice as is though.  As I have stated in other threads less than 23 inches was common in "those days".  If you were to take this template and push it out to 23 incnes it would inprove the overall look and curve of the outline.  At 23 or 231/2 inches it is a very pretty template/outline.  The rocker is low overall tail thru nose.  These boards may have been called
"lightweight" but they really were not even close by todays, standards.  Make a modern "retro/replica" an inch wider, with a little more rocker in the tail and a little flip in the nose, at todays weights and you would have a great  longboard.

I mis-spoke.  Looking back thru your pics, I see that yours IS a square tail.  Mine is a rounded pin.  Obviously a workable shape either way.

hi, clearly many knowledgeable folks on this old! thread.

got blessed with a hansen, seeking info, where can I find?

[quote="$1"] blessed with a hansen, seeking info....


Start with photo's, the board number, then ask me your question.   I shaped for Hansen 1965 thru 1969

Hi, wow, was looking to hear form you as I have seen many mention you, thanks, that was quick!

posting pics…


the number is either 15427

or 16427


question is , I want to know more about the board, everything, method, make, materials, inspiration, style flow, you or who shaped it, for what and the ideas behind it… and if there are some links where this is all covered already do let me know…

sold an epoxy pop out long board to get $ for a shaped fish and saw this on cl for cheap, it was in the apartment for 15 plus years no sea… and had to have it, so like the longboard glide…even if it will be not doable on the nyc subway:-) unless I go for DP


thanks so much

also, will need to plug a few holes, get the splattered paint off of it, and do whatever else to make it maximal, ideas on that front are welcome. two surfing friends said I ought not to do it, having seen my fiberglass repair on a G and S I was blessed with, so may take their considerations into consideration if there is an inexpensive souls surfer fixer in/near nyc… that is a lot, thanks so much for the reply and I look forward to what you have to share!!!


ps also, ideas for having a leash, in case I do, a dear woman friend is very keen on that:-)

2 more pics, also any fin replacement possible, a bit rough this is…


2 more pics, also any fin replacement possible, a bit rough this is....


These photos did not come through.    Check the number again.   Is there a letter, or symbol, associated with the number.   If the letter  T is present, then I was the shaper.    There are some replacement fins for the Hansen box out there.   I understand that they are a bit pricey.

[img_assist|nid=1059764|title=Hansen Super Light|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]Hi, thanks for your time, i appreciate it…and sorry about the pics will try again…


 no “T” alas,  this “#” is infront of the number.


from the deck the middle of the tail fin screw the 9.5" form the tail, and from the bottom the end of the fin is 4" from the tail…

Read more and saw this older thread:


“”“Aloha Balsa,  The # symbol was used by Richard Templin, before he switched to the ~ symbol on each side of the number.     I suspect that this an early 1968 board, possibly even 1967.     I believe there is someone making an after market fin for the Hansen box.   The board has the look of a custom for one of the shop guys.    The box treatment is different than ‘‘production’’ boards were getting.  Bill Thrailkill Shaper since 1958"”"


so it is made by Richard Templin it seems… stock model or custom? Any more info welcome,I know oyu get a lot of requests for info and are busy,  I will also keep researching and reading here and elsewhere, someone said it is addictive, it is! can’t wait to get in the water… three bars and clean sunday here in ny:-)

The board may well be a custom order, but there is no way to know for sure.    The color seems a bit dark for an inventory board.

thanks, so it is from 67 or 68 basically?


thanks for the info!