Vintage Hynson G&S Garage Sale Score?

First post here.

I picked up a 9’6" G&S Mike Hynson model at a yard sale.  It has red HYII on the deck.  I was pretty excited to see this as I just played the original Endless Summer for my 7 year old son for the first time a week or so prior to getting the board.


The board has a few repaired dings, as well as what looks like a few out of the water mishaps while sitting in the garage. Overall, it is in pretty good shape for being 45 years old or so.


I plan on fixing everything and getting it water tight.  A couple of questions.

Is this worht getting repaired professionally?  I fix my dings myself usually, functional but not the prettiest of work.

Is this a fairly rare find or decent score?

PIC (hoped it worked)

I’d say take it to a good ding repair guy… don’t butcher a vintage longboard if you aren’t good at it.

Let’s see a picture.  He made a few HY II’s in the 90’s with G&S.  Then the rest were done under his own logo.  Most likly not 45 years old.

Yes. Try again with some pics. More than one.


A Sixties era HY II would have this lam.

Here is a pic, sorry for the size.


Can’t really see in the pic, but above the logo is an “HYII” handwritten lettering.

Here is the logo before I removed the old wax and cleaned it up.



The HYII is under the glass by the way.

Took it out in some thigh high stuff the other day and gained a lot of respect for the old gaurd.  I primarily surf shortboards but have modern LB in the quiver. This thing was a whole 'nother animal but a blast.

Hi -

It would also help if you posted a pic of the fin but from what I see, it looks like an authentic oldie and a nice score.

It does look like an old one. The stringer config is right. A pic of the fin would be informative, I agree.

Still, that hand written “HY II” is an oddity. Maybe, they had run out of lams when that one was glassed?

Or maybe that was before they had HY II lams.

Here is a (crappy) pic of the fin:


Nice looking board. If it is an old one, rare or not, get it fixed properly. Might cost you a lot, but will be surf able for years. 

Original  60's. 

That’s original, I had a HYII with similar markings and no logo.  Many pro ding repair guys don’t have a clue when it comes to vintage boards so choose wisely.

Red Fin ! Yes you have scored a true classic.  Does anyone know how to tell who shaped that Board? What a find that would be if It had been shaped by the Master himself, Mike Hynson

Boby stored his surf board in the rafters of his parents garage when he was drafted into the army. He was shipped off to Vietnam in 1967. In 1967 he was killed in Vietnam and shipped home in a box.  When Bobys parents passed away his sisters family moved into the house. Now in her lait 60s Bobys sister descided to move to a retirement community and sold the house. The new owner descided to have a garage sale and get rid of the junk up in the rafters in the garage. Well Bobys board was sold at the garage sale for $20.  True story, Boby was my cosin !  When I see an old surfboard like this one show up I have to wonder what the story is , the reason it has remainded in such good shape for so many years and then end up at a garage sale ! Treat that board with respect , it has a lot of karma, If only it could tell you its story !!