Vintage longboard - looking for a rider


Last year I posted “Another vintage Hansen Superlight” where I showed a board that my brother is now stoked out his noggin to be riding. Which brings me to my main point, I’d like to pick up a vintage rider just for the pleasure of paddling out with him for the odd, old guys - old boards session when I’m back home. A luxury? Heck yes. I’m stoked to paddle out with him regardless of what I’m on, but this would be fun and I just sold a couple of oldies that I wasn’t riding.

Over here, I ride my “Tweener” (another great thread and build, thanks Guilhem!) when I’m feeling nostalgic, but that one’s not getting on a plane…

So, I’m thinking something along the lines of a Hansen Superlight of Bing Lightweight, any other suggestions? I rode a Harbor Cheater a long while back that I liked, and had a vintage Yater spoon that went okay for me. While I like to take out an earlier board from time to time, I am really looking for the ridability of the '66 - '68 boards. Lighter, foiled, pretty darned functional. Any other suggestions? Ride reports?

I’d love to hear some input.

And, if someone has such a beast that they’d part with, let me know. It doesn’t have to win any “best of show” awards, just a solid rider.



If you’re not totally want n a name brand long board, buy a good look n old fiberglassed lowg! I had the luck of my sister’s bf pestering me “that I should just try it!” That I did, and I relived a “moment” back in time…it’s almost, as if, I was feeling a bygone era, a style…in a nutshell, I had sooo much fun! And Jack O’Neill and maybe one or two others out -catchin long boarding heaven for hrs! I can still see -Jack just sittin there on a big long clear white board waiting for the next waves…btw -this was not far from " the hook", but a bit north…All who were outhere were too busy surfing every wave that was available!

Damn, now I’m going to go on a search for a good old used long board - if I can even find one!? FYI I just want a log! With a skeg (single fin), and OoowwWLLD!!!

There are indeed many ways to skin a cat…

I spent plenty of years on a '62 Hobie that was, honestly, really a tank but good fun. Another '62 Wardy with a reverse fin… a mid-sixties 10’6" Hansen… all good stuff for the right time.

One board I’ve never been able to ride worth a damn is the Weber Performer in its original configuration. Something about the combination just doesn’t go for me at all. Paddles great, down the line okay, but no groove there whatsoever. Last time I rode one I was switching back between my Yater Spoon and a friend’s Performer, and it felt like the Performer lagged by comparison. Slower, much harder to turn, and (this is personal, of course) not really a better noserider because my placement on the wave was so off.

Keep 'em coming.

Well, if I could get my hands on a Harbour Cheater I’d be very pleased. That was my last board over 9’ before I switched to the ‘new’ shortboards when they first appeared. Good luck finding one of those, as they are highly sought after among aficionados of 60s longboards.

What about the option of a new Yater with custom (heavier) glassing? A friend got a used Spoon that’s about ten years old for $650, and it was in really good condition. He loves it.

Sammy, totally agree about the Harbour. Of the vintage boads that I’ve ridden over the years, that one stands out! If I was a wealthy man, I’d be buying this one:

Just gorgeous. And just about a grand more than I could imagine putting into a board.

I could go new to get the ride, that’s for sure. That’s what I did here, in fact. I could ask Dennis (Murphy) to make me a board, or just shape one and bring it over to leave. But, if I can pick up an old rider, that’s fun in a different way.

Where is “here” ?

Not sure of your locale, or the other place you refer to.

Funny how I forget to mention stuff like that. Seems pretty obvious to me, as stupid as that sounds in retrospect.

I’m actually in Bordeaux. Grew up in San Diego, which is where my brother and folks still are. I try to get back once a year, sometimes more, and when I’m there there are a couple of spots that I love to surf with my brother, either out of nostalgia or habit.

When he gets to pick, its a jetty spot that’s less than longboard friendly and I go for something more performance oriented. When I pick, we end up in North County and I’m just interested in having fun with him and a couple of friends. Hence the vintage go-out plan.

Jeffrey- I think once you try “other” brands, or - unknown board’s you’re in for some possible fun! It’s hit and miss ofcourse, but my hit was INSANE! Contrary to what I believed, my fin on log I borrowed -was not even placed where I thought it would work good(all the way at back of tail edge!!!) Maybe board had a hip some where bcuz this board put me into a different werld! Notice how I spelled that! Iol. Ok, now going back in time riding it has got me look n for a log! I’m still look n fyi…if I can’t find one I will build it. It might have to be a foot shorter bcuz I saw a deal on a blank that size…

Know what you want.  Most modern longboards will, turn, trim and noseride. Lots of good shapers and shops in SD county.

No question on either count.

Dennis Murphy made my longboards for years, and Bill Minard before that. And I’ve got a couple of hundred longboards under my own belt, most of which clearly fall under the modern longboard moniker. Compsands, EPS/Epoxy, poly, balsa - like I said, I could simply shape a board but just want to trip on something else a little bit. All in good fun.