Vintage Pig...Anyone ride one or have one for sale??

I have heard thru the grapevine that some of the early pig models done by Velzy in the late fifties to early sixties were some of the best riders ever(as far as pigs go). I have seen some fun looking Hobie easter boards, quiggs, jacobs, noll pigs etc. They tend to really vary…flat to bent, knifey to round railed, heavy to light.  Anyone ride a vintage pig on a regular basis? I would love to find a good rider if anyone has one up for sale. Not looking for a museum piece. I would do foam or balsa. if you have any feedback or board leads please send em…thanks in advance!!


Surfapig.blogspot is the place for you. I had a 9’ 6" Velzy Pig in the late 80’s that was my first full time log. Best all-around LB I’ve had, I remember feeling all outa place on it cause a. I was in my 20’s riding an LB in the 80’s and b. no one but the older guys were familiar with wide-points aft on big craft. Tudor was all into Donald’s wp forward Nuuhiwa influenced designs in the 90’s and the design fell out of favor as a result. I find pigs wheel around and reset back to trim like nothing else, unfortunately in my opinion logging has turned into just noserides, all the time… looking to cutback? Get a pig.

Thanks for the blogspot. When was your velzy pig made?

I think 1987. It was strait 60’s belly and 50-50 pinch but it did not have a D-fin which is integral to countering the roll from all that belly. Mike Black over at Surfapig is waaaaaay into the pigs and can point you in any direction and help you round one up I’m sure.