Vintage SUNSET; info appreciated!

[img_assist|nid=1059960|title=Sunset Lam|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0][img_assist|nid=1059959|title=Sunset 1|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0]Have a vintage Sunset I'd like to get info on.  I know the basics surrounding the company, just looking for info on this board/ model as it has a somewhat unique laminate to the other SUnset's I've seen.

its the john breedom design fom 1970 in encenitas


its the john breedom design fom 1970 in encenitas


You no doubt mean John R. Bredin.    The artwork certainly looks like John's work/style.    John did quite a lot of work for me when we bought Surfboards Hawaii, from John Price, in Oct. 1970.   John pioneered the technique of  spray art work on surfboards.    John also did airbrush artwork on both Surfboards Hawaii, and Surf Systems in 1970 and 1971.   He IS an impressive talent, and a really nice person.

Howzit Bill I remember John. Sunset built really nice boards…I was friends with Sid Madden who was riding for them and doing some shaping. He ripped Swamis. Those were great times. Encinitas was a magic place. I lived in Leucadia. Who was doing the glassing? Clyde Beatty? If so is he still around?

The Logo does look like John Bredin work.  He showed me the way around  an airbrush, when he was doing all the airbrush for Sunset Surfboards. Some  30 years later I see very little airbrush work on boards that come close to what John was producing in the 70s.  My shop  Freedom surf shop in Beach Haven NJ was the first East Coast outlet for Sunset. Ed Wright had a good crew working in the Factory.  I guess Brian Fredericks still has the rights to Sunset Surfboards. I have seen a couple that came out of the Moonlight Glassing factory and on sale at Surfy Surfy.  

Bill, We also sold Surfboard Hawaii for a couple of years.

Cleanliness, What ever happened to Sid? He made made a board for me around 75 or 76 with a boxy rail. That  board was one of my all time favorite Boards.  I sold that Board to Kit Horn.

Artz, I bought a 6’2" Sunset from you, perhaps from your second shipment.

White deck, green (Colorflow glass?) rails and bottom.  No tail rocker.

Fins Unlimited finbox and matching green and white fin.

Still have it.  

What year did you first open Freedom, '71?


The first year for Freedom was 1969 at that time we were selling a few Rick Surfboards and maybe Surfboards Hawaii. I brought Sunset into The shop around 1971. 

 Hope you were a satisfied customer if not well a little late to whine. Post a Photo of that board! 


That reminds me,  I also have one of your Rick twins, bought in 1970. 

Was I a satisfied customer?  Of course! You bet.  Your shop was IT as far as I was concerned and you took good care of us south enders.  I got lots of stuff from you.  I couldn’t drive yet so it was great having a real shop within walking or biking distance. 

I think Kossoffs was still pushing Greg Nolls.  I wish I had them now though.

I remember you got huge in the 80’s, then I lost track. Whatever happened?  if you don’t mind me asking?   (This site could use a good history story about now.  I know I could. )   If I remember correctly you were a recent Vietnam veteran and opening your shop was, you told me, your dream.  Ray and Walter also rode Sunsets.

Wow are you in touch with Ray and Walter? 

 I opened the shop before I got my Butt Drafted into The Army. I kept an interest in the Shop while I was in the Army. 

 My original partners were Ken Holmes and his brother Russ. They decided to get out so It was Ken Scott and me for a few years I was living in Encinitas in from late Sept until Spring doing airbrush work on boards and surfing. 

At the time I did not realize that I was suffering from PTSD.  Ken Scott was getting pissed because I wasn't holding my end of thing up.

 I bailed and moved to Encinitas Full time. Ken was the real business man and made that shop a big success.  In the late 80's he had some personal and legal problems that forced the sale of the shop.  It is still there sort of,  now more it is a spa/boutique that sells a few popout boards from china.  Some of the old LBI crew are now back on the Island with a new shop that has the spirit of what a surf shop should be. Chuck Barfoot, has opend Barefoot Surfshop. Look then up on facebook.

Thanks man.  I’m all goosbumps from your story.  Takes me back.

Chuck is back from SB? 

He was hanging at RJ (I think he was Hobie team) on the day I bought  my first board there in '68.  He helped me pick one out.  A few years ago a Swaylocker ran into him at some function in SB and asked him if he remembered me.  He remembered the color of the board…yellow and the brand… Hobie of course.  I will have to stop in and see him if he is around.  If anyone knows where Raisin and Wally are he would.


I understand PTSD.  Hope you are better and my thank you for your service is long overdue.


Send me a message with your name if you don't want to go public.  Did you Know Jack Myers?

Those old Sunsets are really cool, that's a nice board you found there...

Since you guys also have the LBI reunion going on here, and airbrushing pioneers were mentioned, it should be noted that Gary Philhauer was spraying airbrush designs on LBI in the late 60's.

[img_assist|nid=1060091|title=sunset2|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=426|height=640][img_assist|nid=1060092|title=sunset3|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=251|height=640]Thought you might appreciate seeing my other Sunset…  Of course, if you have info on this one as well, it would also be appreciated.

Great looking Board, It has the look of some of Bill Casters boards,double wings and Channeled. Caster was making some of the most progressive boards of that era. My guess would be the late 70s. Could be a Tim Bessell shape? Is there a name on The stringer?