Vintage Surf Photos Wanted

Hi, I’m looking for vintage surfing images for upcoming book, will credit.  Thanks Much

How about some details.     The era/eras,  the area,(east, west, gulf, Hawaii, other?)   

Aloha Biil


First I gotta say, your shapes are awesome!  I particularly love your early big wave gun designs. 

I’m in to process of writing a book on the evolution of surfbaord design from pre 1900 to post 2000. It’s going to be packed with photos of actual existing boards from the day as well as photos of the boards an surfing from all eras.  All locations in the US are included in the main text with chapters on the same for a few countrys like Australia with early surfing historys.

I imagine you must have some interesting materials to contribute and would like to discuss with you.  Please email me at

  Warmest Aloha, Jim



i have photos of boards from the 70s to like early 2000s.

some photos are from the era w/ background and people.

others are just board pics.

if you are interested,let me know.