Virtual Surf Film Fest TODAY

Korduroy is showing the audience’s 5 favorite short films from
Sacred Craft. They will only
be up for 24 hours.

4 of the 5 films were made specifically for
this event and none of them have ever been seen publicly on the web.
Richard Kenvin’s got an amazing short about riding blocks of foam, Tyler
Manson’s got a nice piece on Terry Martin, I’ve got a short about a
couple kids getting barreled with a tarp, Banden Arroyan’s got a killer
short about Rincon featuring Kelly Slater shaping and riding his own
boards and Jeremy Asher Lynch has an ubber cool short on Andrew Doheny
and friends shaping and shredding.

log on to
to check it out…

film fest banner

friday  pst 1209…

missed it 

too bad…

watched the hydrodynamica.


dawdled watching dr.who.


maybe later