Visit to the death star

Stopped by to see Vader today in hopes of getting him to jump in the shuttle over to my place. Here’s a few nick nacks that were laying around…

The infamous puzzle board


Couple sweet tints and opaques laying about

Colored foam by US blanks. If they can get that red to be red, instead of pink, they may be on to something…

Guess the darkside ain’t all bad, Vader agreed to help me out of a Jam with a trip coming up and 2 boards needing lammed. I could lam them but i’m just not in anywhere near the same galaxy as Vader and Obiwon. I’m a firm believer in going to the guy that “specializes” . From here I’ll finish them up and they’ll be sweet. As you could imagine a guy that does color like he does can do clears in his sleep. But worth mentioning is that he basically dialed clears for a couple of years before ever attempting color work. Here’s a couple of clips of Vader wrapping the lap. Although short, there’s much to be learned here. One shot lap wrap when you get it dialed. It’s all about the super soft bendable squeegee. Then you just tighten it up…"></embed"></embed>

fine looking boards from a shy young man

don’t be afraid to show your face mate

we don’t bite



…inspiring tints and swirls , thanks mate , keep up the great work !!

This board is a DK version of a speedialer hand shaped by Dennis Kane. 6’0" x 20.5 x 2.4

The other is a 6’5" thruster shaped by Jake Moss

Thanks Vader I owe ya one!!

those clips didnt seem to play

Try these Ken

this thread should carry an x rating for extremely awesome work

dont even front son… you aint got shit on Yang Chow!

yang chow

a plain rice dish…

[/u]you taught me to serve baby bok chow[u]

what are we now a bloody cheef haaa

nice stuff keep it coming


Just can’t get enougth of DK’s work, keep 'em coming.