Visit to Wild Dog and Ambrose Land (Kauai)

If anyone gets a chance to visit the beautiful island of Kauai you have to make a couple of detours. Treat yourself to a visit two of the nicest people on the island. Kokua, aka- Wild Dog, aka-Mike and Ambrose are worth the stop. Mike is just a really nice guy and a pleasure to talk with. Visiting Ambrose was like a trip through time. You could spend hours looking through his “stacks” of boards. They are definately two “Must Stops” on the island tour.

Howzit T, Thank you for the nice words and I must say it was a pleasure meeting you and your family. I want to wish you and Austin good luck with the Surf Shop and since you both do such nice boards I think you will be very successful. Sounds like you had a good time with the time traveler Ambrose. I love the way you are resurecting the old style of glassing with pigments and tints. For some reason we don’t get many if any orders for classic style boards so I’m thinking I’ll just have to do one for myself. Aloha,Kokua

when the wolf man,bob stay,

was on kauai

the haena guys aquired a suffix to their names,dog.

will-dog…has I believe been subject to this suffix for some time.

mikes last name being williams

left the door open to this modification.

Nice of yous guys to stop by

too bad it was the last day .

Aloha from waipouli… ambrose…

Howzit Brother Brose, Yeah it was Lance (Kit) Laney who gave me the Wildog name,just think you could've been Curdog. What I find funny is Gail Feltzer can't bring herself to call me Wildog so it's just Wil from her. At one of Charlie Cowdens contests he was calling me and when another guy ( who lives across from Ching Youngs) answered, Charlie told him There's only one Wildog in Hanalei. Got a kick out of that and every time the guy sees me he has a look of bewildermnt on his face. When on the east side for those 11 years nobody ever called me that and I actually missed it. How did the wooden wall hanger mini boards come out, they sure were beautiful when I saw them. We actually had a small swell the other day, hopefully things will start to kick in next month. Getting ready to crank up the shop soon and get back to it.Aloha, Wildog

Hey Ambrose,

Today I was surfing my home break (va beach), and while I was surfing I ran into a guy that shapes boards aswell. Well after telling him of my trip to kauai, he asked me if I met a guy named ambrose and asked if your pile of surfboards was still around the tree. So i was just writing to let you know you are famous. Take care.

Austin S.

Wild Dog & Ambrose,

We’ll be there Sept 30th - Oct 7th and would definitely like to get together. We’re staying in Koloa but usually spend a good amount of time in Hanalei. Who knows, maybe an early north swell will roll through?

Howzit SrPato, By all means stop by, all fellow Swaylockians are welcome to my little shop of horrors. We actually had a small swell last week and I overheard the guys doing the remodel downstairs say there was a bump today. Good chance of getting waves on North side diring your stay and there should also be waves on South shore also, good timing.Aloha,Kokua

Thanks Kokua,

I’ll get directions before we leave.

Do you know any local girls that might want to make some cash watching our 4 yr old while we surf?