Visiting New Zealand

I will be visiting New Zealand for the month of march, and maybe a week into april. Are there any Kiwi's on here who would want to meet up for a surf. I don't have a set itenerary yet, but would like to make it to the South Island, but will probably be on the north island in and around Raglan and Taranaki for the majority of my trip. Feel free to PM me.

Had excellent waves in Taranaki... your gunna have fun... catch a few for me Rider!

Try to see a Super 15 rugby game while you're there if possible.

I am sure that you will enjoy your trip to NZ, is it your first visit? Check  as it provides the definitive, IMHO, webcams/updates of conditions. I live in the one of the few cities in the world that has Parkinsons, apologies to Parkinsons sufferers, with 9529 shakes since September 4 2010. Probably not on your schedule. The water temp here in Christchurch is back down to 12 degrees centigrade by mid April, while Raglan drops down to 16.

I am certain that Kiwi Swaylockers will step up. Bump the thread closer to the date if no answer now. Obviously this is our summer with schools out for another week or two.




hey bro PM me and i will give you my contact details I be happy to hook you up with some contacts at raglan. work will be mad crazy for me in march but there is a small chance me and a couple of mates will be doing a few days up at hotwater beach if the swells on so you are welcome to join us. you will love raglan super good waves and primo atmoshepe. If you are a coffee love raglan roast is to die for

cheers antony

Mr. T water temps are of no real signifigance to me, I have surfed in waters as cold as 3 degrees centigrade and have suits that can take me down to those temperatures comfortably. But thank you for the info.

hey dude april is getting into east coast season. west cost has 6 months of onshores. west coast season is now. anyway if you dont smell you can come and stay at my place for a bit.

I have my ticket, I arrive in Auckland March 1st and leave from there on April 11.


Last minute bump. Any people I havn't heard from willing to let me crash on their floor for a day or meet up for a surf.

cool bro pm me for contact details

I’m down in Christchurch (South Island) If you get down this far you are welcome.

Send me a pm and I’ll forward contact details

Fitzroy (Taranaki) is one of the best beach breaks in NZ and Raglan is not exactly shabby either when it’s doing it’s thing. So good choice for location if the conditions are right. Buy yourself a copy of this book as well as it will tell you what conditions are required for it to be firing and how to get there.

Also to get to Indicators (Raglan), park at Whale Bay carpark, walk down the stairs at the bottom, and then turn left and keep walking. Whale Bay (straight in front of stairs) will be bigger than Indicators and Manu Bay if it’s small.

Apart from that, Raglans much less crowded during week days, unless it’s school holidays. Have fun and bring a glued and stitched 3/2!

Thanks for the info dean. My room mate spent 5 months in New Zealand, overstaying his visa and getting deported, he set me up with a copy of that book. It is already well thumbed. Sam thanks and check your PM. I really appreciate it guys. I arrive Friday morning. Hopefully I will see some of you soon!