Voids in a PU Blank

I just finished shaping a PU blank and there are about 20-30 small oval voids on the bottom - upto 1/4" deep and about 1/8"+ diameter. This wouldn’t be a problem but the board is going to be airbrushed in a light color and I was wondering the best way to fill these so they are the least noticeable after being painted. I think that if I spray, then fill with laminating resin it will be very noticeable, but I’m not sure if filling with lam resin/cabosil/foam dust slurry and then painting will be any better. I’ve never tried to paint over resin. I saw in the archives that PlusOne recommended against spackle when using polyester resin (which is what I’m using). In my experience spackled areas absorb more paint, so I agree with that. Any advice other than “don’t paint it”?

I had the same sort of problem, and the suggestions I received were to fill it with Q-Cell, or to (and this sounds unbelievable but comes from a good source) is to mix sugar into the resin and fill the holes. Apparently it has a similar texture to foam.

so you would paint over the resin fillets? did you try this? how did it look? did you use tempura or acrylic?

Unfortunately, no filler whatsoever will take in paint like foam does. There will always be a difference of density or texture and it will be all the more noticeable with color on it. If left white, it won’t show too much.

I think the best way to hide those -if you want color- would be to do an opaque tinted resin laminate…

Sounds like Herb. Sugar.

When we used to come across seconds with holes, we used lam resin with cabocil. Mix it thick and smooth it in there. You’ll only see it when you hold the board up to the light. You can use the same mixture to glue on tail and nose blocks too.

I’m sure they would be barely noticable if I don’t paint, but since I’m planning to paint I was wondering if it would be better to spray the board before or after filling the voids. I think I’ll just experiment with scrap foam and different fillet material.