Volan question

Hi glassers.

I’m looking to glass with 6oz Volan. Had a look at the Fiberglass Supply website, and they have two types, flat weave and regular. What are their characteristics, and which is the go?

Thanks in advance


Maz, the answer to your question should be here! Search the swaylocks archives with keywords “volan weave”. Good luck!

i understand that you must have a cutlap when doing a volan board,.,…but is volan as sensitive as tinted lam’s when dealing with creases or overlaps…ex…nose and tail laps,where they cross over???

Volan has has a slight greenish tint.The crossovers at the laps are visible but if done neatly they look fine…all part of the retro glass thing.I like flat weave but you need to lay it down nice and straight because the weave shows.Also any flaw in the weave will show so check the cloth out carefully before laminating.If you have it shipped try to get it on a roll.If it gets folded the crease may show in the glass job.Hope this helped some.

Thanks for your help, gentlemen.

Cleanlines, it was just that sort of info I was looking for re the weave.

This forum never ceases to impress me.



Where volan overlaps you will see the edge of the overlapped cloth. Is this as distinctive as using a resin tint??? Hmm no, but it is is definitely noticeable and defintiley looks sloppy.

I have found that some volan cloth can give off more of than greenish coke bottle hue than others. Though all will show the overlap.

Your best bet is to lay down some smooth tape lines and do cutlaps.