volan repair question

Hi All

A question for the Volan/ ding guys. I have an almost new, beautiful egg with a gloss coat and volan cloth. Unfortunately, the board has a small ding on the rail – about dime-size. It is a circular ding, the result of the rail impacting something, and it needs to be fixed.

My questions: 1. Can I fix it using regular cloth? 2. How to get the ding to match the gloss coat? i,e. how to get a gloss coat on the ding repair??

Mahalo for your input – my board and I thank you.



If the ding isn’t thru the cloth try this: sand the area down to the weave. Saturate the sanded area with straight styrene (it will rewet the cloth) and hot coat it immediately before the styrene evaporates. Sand and then gloss. If the ding is into the cloth, grind out the damage with a dremel in a small circle and fill with cabosil and q-cell. Sand the filler slightly below the normal level. Cut a circle of volan cloth slightly larger than the filled area and laminate. Hotcoat, sand, gloss. polish. The volan patch will be darker on the edges where it overlaps the other glass. Another way is to chop up some volan cloth and mix it with resin and use as a filler, then use regular cloth. This may get too green depending on the depth of the fill. Repairs on volan wind up like repairs on tinted boards, always slightly darker due to the overlap.