Waipouli Art Monster

I was lucky enough to run into newbalonie in N. San Diego County over the weekend. He had been carrying around the Swaylock addict’s anonymous raffle items in his backpack all this time. Wow, what a payday for me. The prize of prizes is a fine art tee shirt from our Sage peace warrior Ambrose San. My humble thanks for the “Makaiwa lives in the hearts of those who choose to believe” hand painted screen printed tee shirt (long sleeve, nice!). I will look forward to meeting you on the next trip over. Thanks, a lot! One other curious item is an “Azhiaziam” shirt. Can anyone explain what this might represent? Lee V. , the edgeboard shaping geomon surfing the cliffs. gracias!

I’ll take a shot. As Hi- As- I’am?

Hello Easternpacific! “Lopaka”, the owner of Azhiaziam, just opened a little shop in Los Osos. They (he) has been supportive of various extreme sports around here - tow-in, skate, aerial surfing, etc. I hadn’t met him but stopped in the day before the S.A. 2003 event and told him what was going on. “Cool!” he said and proceeded to pile on t-shirts. Not sure what the name implies but I’ve been told it is pronounced “as high as I am.” Here’s a link of Lopaka and one of our friendly locals… check out the rest of the site too! http://www.azhiaziam.com/sys-tmpl/greatwhitesharks/

thanks you guys.

one of the better shirts wear it in good health… mental and physical health…with the propper handling and timely wearing can be used to bring up waves on a tide change calm down angry wind conditions and foster perception of shifting peaks arrival times and locations ala paddle over an the set comes right there to ya…Makaiwa… residence of surfing chiefs… two reefs north of W A M A K A I W A…rode three today one to the beach just me and the spirits no one out when I went out …no one out when I went in…the wind canceled the glassy conditions …Its best to have your work appreciated…thank you…ambrose…a few more shirts on the shelf