Wake Unto Blue Film Premiere


Wake unto Blue

Defining the genre of Anna Trent Moore and Bud Browne’s newly released film Wake unto Blue is certain to give one pause. Yes, it is a surf film, but, it’s also something else. Capturing the timeless essence and beauty of surfings rich history, it is an evocative film that remembers and honors the surfers whose shoulders the sport was built, while pondering the desire to return again and again to the feeling. Taking the viewer to the birth of big wave surfing in the early 1950’s through the short board evolution, it is a heart rendering journey that reminds us that some things can never be taught…only remembered. Composed of historically precious footage that has not been seen in years, Wake unto Blue brings us the surfers who shaped and forged the sport into what it is today. Premiering at The La Paloma Theatre on February 20, 2010 with a 6:30 and 9:00 pm showing, it will be followed by the Bud Browne classic, Gun Ho. Tickets are available at the box office and online at  www.lapalomatheatre.com.