Not wakeboards…


My question is - anyone here make these regularly? I remember doing this (skurfing)a while back when I was younger but we were using surfboards. Now looking at the shredstix and such it seems the sport has progressed quite a bit. The boards themselves have evolved into looking like large skimboards with fins.


I have seen oldskool 70’s wake surfboards that were surfboard looking but alot smaller and really heavy nose rocker. The mainstay now is more of a rounder shorter board 4.5 to 5 ft X 20" wide and maxing at 2.25" thick very low or flat rocker, some bottom shape but on the no rocker boards they are completely flat on the bottom. 


Anyone know what works best (arbitrary I know) I am mainly concerned with the rocker and bottom shape. rail shape and outline tend to be a little less flexible for these unless you want to do something crazy with the fins - just my thoughts.


The wakesurfboards I am making now are EPS 2# double 4 deck 4 bottom with a fin patch, probox quads.

any help is much appriciated - I have not been able to find much discussion on the topic. 

Dave Vernor of Vernor Surfboards in Santa Cruz makes these.  Give him a shout - he’d be happy to answer any questions you have.






I think surfdadcpa has a few threads on making compsand wake surf boards - pretty cool stuff.

here is one and Im sure he has others


may be some help