walker foam

just wondering if anyone uses walker foam? I’ve only used clark up to this point. Are they comparible shapeing and price wise.

I prefer Walker to clark for a few reasons 1. I can go to the factory and be treated like one of the big guys, very nice and respectful,NO middle man. 2. The foam seems to cut more smoothly. 3. The blanks allow me shape the board, they allow you to be more free design wise i.e deeper concaves and channels. 4. The board after glassing feels much more solid, and they are comparable in price to clark and you can get any rocker, stringer,and colored glue and foam you heart desires. Give them a call, if you need their info call or e-mail me. Stay Soul, Rick http://www.ancientartsurfboards.com

Do they have a website or a catalog somewhere. I like to check out what blanks they have to offer. thanks sm

Call Walker at (310)513-1940 they will send you a catalog, I do not belive that they have web site but don’t quote me on that. rick http://www.ancientartsurfboards.com