walker's colored foam blanks

I think this was posted on Sways but I can’t remmber. Spose I could simply call up Ol man walker and get the straight dope from him, but what kind of Swaylock would I be if i didn’t involve others.

So, anyone seen them, thoughts opinions?

thanks in advance!


what do you want to know about them? look pretty cool and made of good ol walker foam. have a few in stock

Well, kinda jsut curious about the color. Are they deeper col.ors, or more towards the pastel tone.

I am most interested in the orange and blue. Is the blue a light “baby” blue" or a vibrant primary blue… same goes for the orange.

thanks a bunch man.

If you could post a pic or two that would be fabulous.



the blue is a primary blue and orange is orangesay like the univ.of tennessee volunteers uniforms


thanks for the info


Scott, can you post some pics? The Walker website isn’t functional and I can’t find a dealer website to view them. I suppose the purpose is to glass clear and have a resin tint look in the final product?

Or glass with a tranparent tint to alter the color. take the blue blank and glass with a transparent red tint and you’ll ahve the eusive PURPLE!!!

Scott sent me a photo of one of the blanks in questiion…a green one!

Thanks Scott


That is pretty cool. I did some searching in the archives and found info and pics of other colored blanks, but they were of the color swirl variety. Not really my cup of tea. But these solid blanks look interesting. Does anybody know where I can get Walker blanks in N. San Diego County?

The Walker vibe is so laid back. It’s no wonder Clark just let’s them be. You don’t get a sense that anyone there is interested in major corporate expansion. I live close by so I can go direc to their factory. I went last week at 3:00pm and it seemed all closed up but I walked around the back and found some guys sanding and asked them if they were closed and they said, “Yeah, we close at five.” I look at watch and it’s three. “But it’s only three.” “Today we closed early.” “So tommorow you’ll be open until five?” “Tommorow we close early too.” I get the feeling that they stay open unitl five everyday except the days they close early.

Just call them. I’ll send you their phone # this evening.

How can one get a Walker catalog and price list? Does an electronic version exist? If so, and you can email me one, I’d appreciate it.