wanna see a motorcycle ride waves in tahiti?

This isn't some inventor trying to market and create a new WRV, it's a creative mx guy filming a publicity stunt to sell clothes and crap, nothing more. So all of this negativity surrounding it seems to be a bit of an overreaction

Wooddave, of course you’re right- just a sales stunt. But I know you know why this rubs a lot of us the wrong way too. Personally I feel more and more up against the wall with all the noise, pollution and BS hype of commercialism we live in. This feels like an encroachment on a last refuge where I can get away from all that.

Perspective is great, but symbols are important. Perfect litmus test is at the beginning when the guy is ripping through a pristine rainforest scaring animals. Do people find that bitchen’ or disturbing?





You mean THIS surfing venue?

 Teahupoo is hardly your average surf break.

Anyone surfing out there is likely pretty used to motor vehicles blazing past them.

Oh, ok, guess I didn’t realize everyone there is good with that, my bad.

Priceless photo !

Lets have some haters ball! On a serious note, though a couple months back I went to one of my favorite breaks at diamondhead, on a small windblown day, and there was some trickass mark/scallywag on a jet ski trying to ride waves for about an hour…

totally awesome. None on this site would have the balls or skills to attempt this.  Most on this site would not attempt to surf this break.

Jamie O’brien this winter at pipe with same set up.  Baited Breath


Can’t wait to see the first ever motocross tow in!

don’t forget this.


surfing is dangerous

I like this comment made by some smartass on a website I saw the video on:


“That’s really great but with a little work it could be brilliant. Like, how about instead of mounting the bike on skis have it sit lower on a small boat hull that can plane through the water? And instead of driving it with the rear wheel you could use a small water pump, maybe even connect the pump to the handle bars so you could turn by changing the direction of the water jet? You could even put a bigger seat on it so two people could share, maybe wrap the whole thing above the water line in some sort of housing that would keep the engine and mechanicals dry in case you swamped it. You know, if you made it this way it’d be stable and you could stay afloat even if you stopped moving. The more I think of it I’m going to invent this new thing and I’m gonna call it a “Pump Boat”, or a “Water Jet Water Cycle” or “Jet Ski” or something. If I made it would you buy one?”

I have a feeling you’re being sarcastic but,…


I respectully disagree BB30.

The video doesn’t show skills nor balls imo.

Not once did anything look “difficult” nor ballsy.

Especially when combined with internal combustion engines and adolescent mentality.

 Not sarcastic at all. no one on this site would try it because they would be unable to pull it off. He made it look easy. this rider has mad technical riding skills. Doesn’t make it right, or not stupid. great editing and a safety crew to watch out for him. It’s no red bull parachute from outer space though.

yeah know what you mean having pulled a dozen plus prone paddle surfers out of danger of large surf on the way in from tow in surfing over the past 13 years. One guy wouldn’t get off the rescue sled he was so scared.