wanna see a motorcycle ride waves in tahiti?

rocker looks a little off.



Man am I having a negative reaction to this !


I hope there is a law.

With thanks to Stoneburner:



Nothing new they have been driving cars , snowmobiles , motorbikes across the ocean in Iceland for years , must say never seen one on a wave , look out .

There are some things that should be instantly punishable by death.

More annoying douchbaggery from the Redbull generation…

It’ll be a cold day in hell before I buy a DC product !

the good news is that if the bike stalls he sinks like a stone.


the good news is that Glocks shoot well when wet, even underwater…

Wanna see a motorcycle ride waves in Tahiti?

No, not really.

He would get the same response I gave the Jet Ski’s.

The Finger!


It doesn’t look like he understood either of the waves.

I thought he was a real man, a real man would have pulled in and taken the wave on his head.

Clever technology, but it is just another internal combustion engine where it is not wanted and does not belong.  It looks like commercial hype to me.

I do not want to see anybody get hurt.  I would like to see a video of this mechanical menace stall in 10 m of seawater and the Coast Guard hauling him and it off…

As Barry says, use sign language for the rider and video marketer:

… … /´¯/)

… …,/¯ …//

… ./… ./ /

…/´¯/’ …'/´¯ ¯`•¸

…/'/…/… ./… …/¨¯\

…(‘(…´(… (… ,~/’…')

….… … …/…/

…‘’….… … . _.•´

….… … …(

….… … …\

This is HOT! Wow I don’t know why  you lot post negative.  It’s a hoot …surfing sitting down and the power to outrun any wave. OMG What a luxury!:wink:

Makes you wonder whatever happened to those motor powered SUP’s?

That’s a cool video ,6 million views in 24 hours, for a publicity stunt (which it obviously is), I would call it successful. I really don’t think you guys have a lot to worry about, If there arent any jet skis surfing your spots already then there won’t be an army of dirt bikes showing up at the local break anytime soon either , Ya might as well get back to hatin’ on SUPrs. 

I like to sit in my peaceful backyard and drink a beer at the end of the day and on weekends.  I like to walk in the woods 100 yards away from my house, at dawn or before sunset.  What really enhances my enjoyment of these activities is the arrival of rennogade 4-wheelers and dirtbikers that periodically invade those woods.  Forget the song of the resident Woodthrush.  The sound of 2-stroke and 4-stroke internal combustion engines revving is much more soothing.

Now lets imagine 30 motorcycles all vying for the same wave.  That adds new dimensions to the concept of drop-ins and cutoffs.  Wave hogging now becomes a function of your engine size.  Then there are the inevitable collisions.  What happens to those on surfboards?  SUPs?

Is there anywhere that internal combustion engines have not invaded or trespassed?  Power boats and jet skis are banned from wildlife sanctuaries and swimming areas.   I do not go to the large nearby public lake on holidays – a zoo of jet skis, speed boats, pontoon boats and fishing boats.  Dirtbikes and 4-wheelers have been banned from US National Parks for a reason.

Wavebikes?  Not likely to happen.  But not particularly conducive to the Zen of riding surfboards.  And not cool. 

IMO DC Shoes’ video is no better than the Surfing Industrial Complex.  Lifestyle marketing.

If this makes me a hater, I guess I am…

Don’t get me wrong Bill, I’d get pretty pissed if something with a motor showed up where I was surfing too, but if it hasn’t happened with jet skis it’s not gonna happen with an mx bike. This isn’t some inventor trying to market and create a new WRV, it’s a creative mx guy filming a publicity stunt to sell clothes and crap, nothing more. So all of this negativity surrounding it seems to be a bit of an overreaction… BTW in an article in the Guardian (I don’t know how to attach links here) the rider discusses the shoot and apparently after narrowly getting away from the wave that we see in the video he did get pounded by a huge wave because he couldn’t outrun it, lost the motorcycle and got pounded by a few more before they could pluck him out of the water, I’d like to see that video.

he clearly rode through a group of board surfers at a surfing venue to get the shot - his closing words in the interview “I’m definitely gonna do it again”