i think you know what i’m after on this one


and words would only approximate the truth


before i start,would anyone like to comment on my chances…

i realize recent events may cause u to prejudge this thread,

ghettorat and ambrose are likely to have the same beliefs on this one,

i hope


wannafuckuwhilstdoingbusinesswithyourlifestyle.com has been operating for over 10 yrs

systematically outing places of special interest to a world wide audience…



to sell  ADVERTIZING SPACE  on a website



without  care for the damage

to these delicate ecosystems, 

that most other surfers seem to understand,and respect…

imagine telling a surfer u didnt know,‘i’ve just told the world about this place’… 



anyway,as i’ve said before,there are two sides to any story


so may i invite wannabe,or anyone pretending to be wannabe,to defend your rights,to make money this way…






i hope u dont mind me trying to bring this man here,

this forum has some of the eldest and wisest in our community,who still wish to contribute

so i feel this problem is in good hands

may i give more detail…

problem,the inability to contact this site directly,so any comment only  fuels more arguement,and more hits

this ‘sites’ advertizing space is valued on its hits,

the more people that go on and argue this is wrong,the higher the value

misery and anguish,are now a commodity…

can anyone come up with a profile for this guy

or i will




I hate it when my spot shows up on there, but I gotta admit I’ve used it A LOT. MOST of it’s bullshit. But it can give you a good idea. I’ve never went on that site and been stoked to find something. I’ve ALWAYS thought "Fcuk… this doesnt seem right… "