Wanted to get some design feed back

Was wondering if you all could take a look at the PDF and let me know what you guys think, would change/tweak, etc.

Was going to make it a quad.

Thank you for your time.

Try the attachment again

File won’t open for me, anybody else?

file opens for me…clean outline…are the double concaves supposed to begin that far forward?

My .02

Are the thickness and rocker dims what you want, or are you just using the planshape?

Did you have some specific person/type of wave it’s intended for? Even for a big person, those numbers on a 5’11 look way flat, thick and full-nosed to me.

Keep in mind this is coming from a backyarder.

The double concave starting that far forward was more of an experimental thought as I have never rode a board with that. May end up going with flat or single into the double with some v out the tail.

Always open to input.

Would you guys recomend going with at least 3" on the nose and around 2" in the tail?

I enjoy riding flatter boards because of how quickly they plane.


The board is for me and I am 5’10" and 175lbs for around 4’ to head high waves

If it were me I would remove some of the thickness in the nose area, push it back toward the chest.

That is one idea I am trying to get better at with my designs.

Where and how to hide the volume


If you want to really dial this board come on over and you can make yourself a really clean balanced board.

Let’s make something together that is clean without gimicks that rides unreal. Something worth glassing!

You can have a lower rocker however the foil has to be balance to pull it off. My good friend Sean Jensen (Great Shaper and Board Builder) made a board called a Brain Freeze which was a lower rockered board that was so drivey. The key is were the lift starts.

To simply lower the nose on a AKU file is dangerous from a performance standpoint. You have to put much more thought into it. That file would need a lot of correction to be able to cut. If your shaping with a electric planner then you can make the corrections with your hands and brains. From a CNC standpoint you will have a camels hump on your deck and your board would also be slow. Designing on a computer using a CAD program takes more skill than most people think! I believe it’s better to just design with battens and masonite. All my first designs and boards were all made the old fashion way long before I ever thought about using a program. Making rocker sticks and templates will help you to understand the design process. Plus to know general numbers concerning Rocker, Foil Thickness, Nose and Tail Thickness, Rail profiles, Concave numbers and were to start and finish them.

Besides I bet you that a well rockered high perfomance shortboard with balance curves will have more excelleration than the rocker in you proposed design. You can generate speed from rocker if the curve is well designed.

Please don’t get me wrong I’m not picking on you. As you posted your design and asked for feed back this is my honest answer. Your more than welcome to stop by for information or use my resources as you want.You bring the blank and leave with a finished shape!

Kind regards,


Wow what an offer! Hope you can take it up, I’d be on top of the world to be able to get some guidance from a pro like surfding

Looks too flat in the entry rocker, and the nose is either too full, or too narrow - I’d either pull the nose more and make it more like a modern shortboard, or make it a sort of fish nose, with more width and curve forward.

Surfding rules!

I don’t feel you, or anyone else, has picked on me. I realize that I don’t know shiz about all this and I am just trying to make sence of it all, let alone be able to tie it all together and translate it from my brain to the foam. Your offer is very generous and I would be more then happy to come up and spend a day working and being taught by you. I will def. be in touch so we can set that up.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to share your thoughts and knowledge with this kook. It is greatly appreciated.

After all, if it wasn’t for you all and this site I probably would never have had the courage to even do board #1.

Just trying to cram as much learning and fun into the remaining time I have here in San Diego as I will most likely be moving to New Jersey to take a promotion with the company I work for. So if I seem a little twitchy that’s why.

Thank you again everyone and I will be in touch SD.

Go Home! Locals Only!

(Just trying to help you get used to it.)

Welcome to paradise.

I already am used to it. Even though I am born and raised in San Diego the groms around here seem to think they are more local then me and deserve the whole beach to themselves.

Thanks for the welcome though.