Does anyone have a resource for marine-ply glass on keel fins? And please don’t recommend that I make my own. Also, I’ve checked The Greenroom in SD and have gotten nowhere (Larry’s WAY backed up). Mitch’s in LaJolla wont ship to Santa Cruz…etc, etc.

I want to find someone who will either make me a few sets or who distributes keel fins and will sell to me (sorry, sell and SHIP to me…)

Thanks in advance,



Try Finfektion in Twead Heads, Australia.

They are pretty quick and I’m sure they can work out shipping to the US with you. (I know they’ve shipped to the UK before). Rod at Finfektion is a great guy and he posts on here under the name Finfektion.

To get hold of Rod, email him at finfektionfins@msn.com

I have attached below the 2 fish fin templates that I have bought from Finfektion.

Forgot to say - even though the second fin I posted isn’t Timber / Ply, speak to Rod as he will be able to tell you if he can shape that template in ply for you.

The fins really look good, I’m using the blue fins on the current board I’m shaping and holding out on the timber ones for a more retro board :slight_smile:

Well in any of mine come out half way decent…

I’ll keep you in mind for a freebie along with some other fish adventurers.

Working on 8 sets (all Lis-style double foiled) right now of different combo’s 1/2" solid wood, 1/4" solid wood, 1/8" composite wood/mat/wood.

Don’t expect a Halcyon type pro job, but I’m doing my best to foil according to their advice with the thickest being around 20-25% from a full rounded tip foiled back thin.

We’ll see how far I get this weekend…

I too have nothing but good remarks about finfektion about the fins how nice the guys and the reall fast shipping and if I’ll ever by fins it will most likely be from them

Hey Kirk,

Check in, I’m here in town, maybe I can help you out.

Mahalo, Rich