Warming PU resin

So I want to warm my PU resin by placing my full, resin working pot into another pot of hot water… problem is when I remove my resin pot to begin laminating , my working pot will be wet from sitting in water hence dripping on my cloth/blank as I pour resin?! Anyone do this process… is towelling off the resin pot after warming sufficient?

Years ago Barry Snyder told us he uses a reptile warming pad. You can also use a seed/seedling warming pad.
Both can be bought with thermostats for precise temp control.

Hey mate, i do the same thing but i transfer the warm resin into another bucket before adding cata. Works a treat!

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When I’m glassing on a cold day I warm the gallon jug in my slop sink with hot water, give it a good shake and then pour into my resin bucket.

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Just one thing: “PU” means PolyUrethane, which is the foam used in blanks, not a laminating resin. I suppose we are talking about PolyEster resin, PE.

Yes!!! PE resin… my bad! Thanks Balsa.

Sorry if I sound a bit picky but using the wrong words leads to confusing people. Just see how many people use the word “epoxy surfboard” when they actually mean “EPS” as opposed to “PU”. You may very well have a PU board glassed with epoxy and you would not define it as an epoxy board, would you?

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All good Balsa, not picky your 100% correct!! :+1: i’ll see if i can change topic headline!!

Doesnt seem that i can change topic headline so stuck with PU in the post headline…. But yes should read PE !

Don’t worry, it’s OK.

i measure out the resin i need into a tub, then throw that in the microwave for 5 seconds or so. seems to do the trick although what temperature it comes out at is anyones guess!

I’ve done this with an old coleman cooler with the pad and the thermostat for fermenting things. I recently made another to keep resins in during winter months, works like a charm, very low power draw so no concerns there either

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I used a small styrofoam shipping box with heating pad, ceramic tile and small metal tray for small batches with a thermometer to monitor temperature.
If I did it now, I think I would use the thermostat controlled seedling germination pad (probably would put it in an ice chest or similar).

Not really any need to warm PU resin at all because it goes off so fast. Epoxy is the only resin you really should be heating up. If youre really determined to heat it up however putting it under or next to a heater is the best way to do it.

Last fall I glassed a board with poly when it was roughly 50F out using the sun cure polyester additive. The resin was cold so warming it up a bit was necessary, especially when adding the wax for the hot coats. If the resin is too cold the wax will start to congeal immediately when added.

I just put my gallon of resin in a bin of warm water and leave it there for a bit. When its time to use it, take the gallon out, dry it off, pour the resin into the working container, then put the gallon back in the warm water for later.

Ah got it. In my mind you had the resin at room temperature already.