*warning* west sytem epoxy spreaders

Recently I laminated a board and decided to use the yellow “west system epoxy spreaders” from the local plastics shop. Half way through I noticed the yellow dye from the spreader had bled into my lamination.

Yep they’ll do that. I like the blue 3M spreaders. They are not as wide but work really well. very smooth.


Is that a West Systems feature to let you know your errorantly using Polyester when you should be using epoxy?

Have you ever seen that stuff that comes on a roll and is used as baseboards in commercial buildings???I think it is rubber or some kind of vinyl.They just glue it on with cement.It makes great squeegees with good flex.Just cut it to the length you want.I got mine out of a dumpster on a medical building remodel job.There were also a few boxes of Crispy Cream Glazed but I can’t say anything about that. RB

Vinyl baseboard? I love those type of tips. From a hospital? Yuck. Hospitals have the nastiest, most resistent “bugs.” Donuts? Hmmmm… So good, but so bad for you. Might be worth the risk. Even from the hospital dumpster. Mike

The salvaged baseboard was brand new and left over from the job.The dumpster contained only stuff from a new building being erected.I would not get within a mile of a hospital dumpster unless the donuts were really fresh and chocolate covered. RB

I used a cut down pvc vertical blind on my 7’0.Worked realy well.I like the Thalco better

after using it on my last poly.

Herb gave me the idea to try vertical blinds, I got some broken ones from work . . . nice. They’re flexible too.