waste disposal

not human waste… im in the process of building my first few boards and i was marvelling at the absurd amount of crap thats produced (besides the actual boards, which are also pretty crappy). im using the clark/r.r. epoxy combo and would really like to do things the right way- any suggestions on getting rid of all this crap? is anyone addressing the issue or is it just bagged, bound and taken “away”? side note- i have no grand production scheme. im just a guy goofing around and having a blast making messes- if the proper disposal procedure is $$$$ or extensive, im going to have to work something out with some real shapers/factories. thanks for the help & motivation

Clark Foam does produce some waste but not nearly as much as 20 years ago. It is legel to dispose of in most places. Be careful with the resin. Shortboards with epoxy only take about a quart total. Don’t use acetone. Use disposible gloves and clean up any resin that touches your skin with GoJo or Fast Orange. Use the fiberglass scrap to wipe your sqeegee clean. Use cheap “chip” brushes for hot coats and throw them away. Additive F will cut down on sandpaper waste. Using these methods we totally eliminated flamables, fumes, toxic wastes and a nosey government from our business.