waste reduction while shaping/glassing

hey fellas, so im about 30 boards deep and ive started to really notice how much waste is created during the process.

i was wondering what kind of things everyone is doing to have a smaller footprint, if any. 

waste is inevitable, and i am starting to switch to EPS foam and CLR supersap epoxy…(also trying to find a source for bamboo fiberglass, im in Oakland, Ca if anyone knows of a supplier, please let me know.)

i turn resin cups upside down and try to reuse it as many times as i can, i keep every scrap of glass and sandpaper, and some chunkier foam off cuts. basically what im trying to say is im a borderline hoarder and my tarped off garage shop cant take anymore. mostly because i feel better about it being in my garage than in a landfill, but its getting ridiculous haha.

so just for the sake of treading lightly on our mother earth, what are some things you guys do to reduce waste and get the most out of what youre using? thanks for any input!


Eps gets recycled.
Dried resin into jewelry. Off cuts for packing.
Epoxy gallons get tops cut off, tops become filters. Bottoms become buckets. Cloth boxes returned to manufacturer, same with end caps And cloth rolls.

Reduce , reuse , recycle.

If you really want to reduce your footprint you will stop building surfboards. Go find some old boards and fix them before they make into the land fill…At some point you will have to clean your shop and most of that stuff will end up in a landfill…Get over the guilt. Electric cars are not green. What are the batteries made of ? It goes on and on…

I read an article on a surf site about a guy glassing surfboards. He only uses “earth based” products. Hmmm…earth …that’s where oil comes from. Get rid of your car, dump the computer, no more electric anything, no A/C or Natural gas heating. no more wet suits…no stomp pads…leashes…and then you decide to make dinner by fire in the backyard and you are a massive polluter because you are burning wood without a permit. Bam.

Use wood for blanks or main raw material.


I use poly blanks and was thinking about saving all of my off cuts for insulatting my future garage.  Picture all of the ribs placed between the studs and spray foamed into place??  Just a thought.  Not sure how the spray foam insulation would react with the ribs cut off of the poly blanks.  It would also take a long time to fully insulate my space.  I do think it would be cool to have all of the skeletons of past boards imbedded in foam within my walls though.

for eps/xps hotwire shape to reduce pebble dust

a screened drywall sander with a vac for sanding

use the off cuts for rail band extensions and to make blanks like linden did in the 90’s with his recycler models

or just make a variety of measuring (rail profile) or rail sanding tools

you can’t get to zero 

but I bet you can reuse 50%

someone once said you can mix the bubble/peebles into potting soil for aeration like you would do with stone or sand to prevent packing.