waterweld / water weld for pu board

Has anyone tried to use waterweld (viz water weld) to fix a pu surfboard?  I’m not talking major ding repair, just plugging a hole or something.   Also, i’m interested in using it to build a loop for a leash rope attachment on the deck of my board, old school style, if possible.  Dont ask me why I wont use resin/glass.   So, is there a reason waterweld will not work?    One supposed advantage is that it can be applied in the water. 

Thanks for any help. 



fixing a ding yes


leash loop , no

why not the leash loop?  does water weld lack structural integrity?   how about if the leash loop was only for attaching a lightweight object and did not have to stand up to full double overhead leash pulls?  


thanks again.