wave power

i’ve seen lots of wave power systems on the web, but i don’t think these two are posted anywhere. this first one is a harmonic wave energy system. open at the bottom under water, a wave comes in and the water inside the tube rises, wave goes out and the water falls. But because it is perfectly sized, it is like pumping a swing higher and higher, so the water inside the tube goes up and down a huge distance compared to wave size. air is sucked in and out of the top of the tube, spinning a turbine and generating electricity. the thing sounds great, making giant blowing and sucking noises. destroyed by waves a few yrs ago.

i really like this wave system because it would be huge fun to build one into a swimming pool along the coast… i am visualizing an artifical surfing pool that goes off even when the swell is only shin high. It is a curved, inclined, tapered ramp, what a great shape. it makes swells jump up into an upper pool, the water then drains out spinning a massive impulse wheel to generate electricity. this one was also destroyed by waves.

Park a board on the ramp right at the end and wait for lift off, I reckon you could get 20’ of air before you landed back on the concrete. Good fun though…