Wave ski construction...

There was mention of Merv Larson on another thread. He really did set a different standard. In old films, I remember seeing him doing 360s, end over ends, and other amazing stunts.

Here is a site showing how one guy makes a ski using EPS block and vacuum bagging. The techniques are similar to what are shown in the Sullivan vacuumed sailboard video. Note the tape used as a guide when hot wiring the rail bands. Also note use of high density pour foam as a box insert support.

Not a whole lot of detail but informative for some of us nevertheless.


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how bitchin is the alternative focus?

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finished one almost done w/# two sup 12’x30’’


and the other 4 1/2 thick…


That is a cool page, that is pretty much how we used to make windsurfers about 15 years ago. The tape hotwire trick can also be used effectivly to crown a longboard deck. Thick tape line down the stringer and apply even, slight pressure with your bow pretty well centered, you do it right and you get a near perfect crown on the deck. A note on using PU expansion foam for boxes, you should tape or clamp something over the cavity to get some pressure on the eps, otherwise the PU may not bond very well to (high density) EPS. Just a piece of ply with a couple of venting holes to allow excess to escape whilst maintaining some pressure on the cavity… Had some powerboxes come out of windsurfers, PU cast and all…

gotta watch the PU in EPS. The exotherm can melt EPS especially in the higher density PU’s.