Wave Tools 10' Gun Side Bites Removal and I Found....

10’ x 10" x 21.5" x 11.5" x 3.75" - 16-lbs

O’Fishl side bites on athis Wave Tools gun were cracked lenghwise and fin tabs broken inside. Took one box completely out and there’s routed “gopher tunnels” from one side of the board (next to the box) to the other, through the stringer too. Two questions:

  1. I bet these horizontal tunnels run up the entire length of the board - that’s why this board is so light

  2. Is this a normal design procedure?

  3. Should I reconstruct using foam and sink in new Futures or should I pack foam and go with glass on side bites?

It’s a mess in there. There’s water but only from the box. Where one of the boxes was is now a big gaping hole, with, of course, tunnels from on side to the other.


I dunno, I never thought any of my 20-24 lbs. 9’6" x 20’s as being heavy by any means, and thought a little extra weight would not hurt at all, unless I"m limited to surfing smaller than DOH waves with that board.

Chambering forwards of WPoint, usually about 2’ in front of, would sorta make sense, as the foam bears almost no resistance to breakage twisting.

Chambering anywhere near the rider makes no sense, as weight between feet and behind don’t matter unless you’re doing pivot off the tops, and maybe a shorter board is in order there.

Fill big gap with at least equal density foam, then rout for finbox is that’s what you want.

Don’t mess with channels now, consider your board a high performance small wave gun board.