Wavegrinder fin ride review

Got a wavegrinder fin, so thought i'd share.


First, it took some mods to fit in my box, the base was too deep, and the pin too low. No big deal, and i got it to fit snug with a few layers of tape.


Waves were a bit overhead, decent swell on a low tide ( Yeeeeew!! ). Paddled great though i don't know if it was faster than my other fin, but paddled great anyway. Once up, it flew!!, very fast and smooth, and turning was very good. my mate commented on how fast i was going. Still need to adjust a little bit to it, but very happy. Obviously, the waves were punchy and hollow, but i never once got caught behind a section.


So far so good. Will update when i surf it more.

What kind of board are you riding it on?


7'10'' x 22 x 15 ish in nose and tail, tail a little wider than the nose, and widepoint is around centre. My go to board, all rounder, love this thing!

better than usual fin ? ( usual fin is ??? )...

8'' fluid foils dolphin, which is a good fin itself. I won't be getting rid of it!!

I went back to my fluid foils and some small sidebites for a comparison. SLOW!!, felt like i had to paddle harder in general, and for the wave. Once up, it seemed "stuck" for a few seconds. Waves were crap so may well have been that. I havent surfed with side bites for a while, so next surf i'll ditch them and just try the dolphin fin.

The one good ( insane! ) thing about the dolphin fin is the trim from way up the board, glides beautifully, and will trim all the way to the beach, even as the wave dies to ankle height. With the wavegrinder, when i got forward on the board to trim, it just died, literally sinks the nose, and the wave goes under me, WTF?? can't figure that one out. If i can work out how to trim with the wavegrinder fin i'll probably keep it there full time!. Might put it all the way back in the box.

Hi Mark,
Have you tried the Wavegrinder with sidebites in as well?

I used the wavegrinder in my 7’2" egg with no sidebites and it worked very well as a single. Felt easier to paddle and smooth on the waves with excellent speed.

I’ve put it in a 7’ diamondtail with a narrower tail and it felt good until stepping back on the tail for cutbacks when the board would rock from side to side like a skateboard with speed wobbles.

I’m sure sidebites would have remedied that.

However I next tried FCS bonzer sidebites and a 6.5" centre and the combination felt brilliant so I haven’t tried the wavegrinder again in that board.

Currently running the MK1 (red) Spitfire in my 8’ carbon fibre DVS as a single which felt good.

Comes off the top better than with it’s usual DVS 8" dolphin and DVS sidebites.

Next I’ll try the Spitfire with DVS sidebites.

After that I’ll try the wavegrinder.

The grinder always need some packing around it as they just didn’t make it fit different boxes well. No such issues with Fluid foils or the Spitfire.

You should take the dolphin and the wavegrinder and swap mid session for some better comparisons rather than doing it different days. If you can be arsed.

I know I don’t like paddling in mid surf for fin changes, unless the fin choice is plain wrong.

Hey Mark.

Having sidebites in do give you a little bit of drag while paddleing and when trimming.

Probably not a lot but every little bit counts

They do help with tight turns and do generate a little bit of speed if you drive right.

And I'm not talking about jumping up and down on ya board like a trampoline.

I'm talking driving left and right to generate speed like you are on a skateboard.

Ever watched Kelly Slater when the wave starts to die off.

He uses the concaves and the side fins to generate speed to get to the next section.



Thanks guys, i'll keep playing around.

Pete, i get the same result, fast and free, but i dont get the wobbles, though the tail on my board is 15"+. Where do you put the fin in the box?? I put my fluid foils as far up as it can go, so the wavegrinder goes an inch or two behind it. I might try it waaaay back in the box.

Yeah i could never be arsed to come in mid surf, im just too impatient, and never end up paddling in haha.


Mick, i used to always surf 2+1, but now i prefer single, or on the other extreme, a thruster set up ( which makes the 7'10'' feel like a 6'6''!!!!!! ). I love to trim on the big board though, im addicted to that glidy feeling!. Need a longboard :)

4 grinder quaddy ???

Hi Mark and Mark,

Beery, I seem to recall I lined the tip of the fin up with the tail when the fin was lying down.

Got to wonder how 4 of those little grinders would go? As you said.

Love to get my hands on a pair of sidebites to try with the centre fin on my carbon board. Too many options-not enough$'s.

Pete, I have a stack of fins if you wanna borrow some, not sure I have small enough side bites , you prob want GL's or GX's I think ...got plenty of boarda and fins, we should have a day of trying some diff stuff, I'm always doin it but its not as much fun by myself...haha...


hoping for some at Yaroomba tomoz.....

I would definately try a set of wavegrinder twin fins!!

Looks like Tuesday/Wed will be allright for fooling around with fins seeing as the winds swinging back to a better quadrant.

Keen to try a set of MR twin fins in a board I have and take the wavegrinder for a run again with DVS sidebites. Don’t have any GL/GX’s but do have some rear fins from a Stretch template which would make good sidebites with the wavegrinder.


I got some MR's and some sweet curved fins of different sizes...lets catch up, maybe tuesday then.....

...do you have any photo[s] of the 'wavegrinder' fin , please , Mark ??


  cheers mate !




here you go




I have the single works well you need a flat tail rocker though

Just picked up a thruster set and gonna try those on my the 6’8" horan revolution I got from noel(solo) shaped by Tim.