wavejet powered surfboards

shapes by walden

carbon fiber tech

15lb waterjet engine though 8 knots good for 30 minutes

seems like a candidate for a hollow construction or super light EPS core.

i would mind one of these to get to power assited paddle out to some of our southshore outside reefs and back in

can’t imagine a 15lb+ 7 footer though…

doesn’t look as bad as some of the earlier water jet boards that Laird was hawking.

and only $2000+ which is cheaper than some regular boards

plus it was tested right in front of Keith’s stomping grounds (TV News Story)

only in cali






things they come up with

maybe a hollow eps ribbed paulownia wood skinned alaia with a jet pack engine, 4+1 with a wavegrinder center fin and cork deck pad (tech-n-soul)

crazy stuff


Can’t deny that is pretty wild.  Had I not seen that video, and saw one in real life first as someone was standing up riding their way out to the lineup I wouldn’t know what to think.  Very cool, but to me, it just takes out the pureness of the sport.  I liked the idea of those hydrofoil boards that were coming on the scene, but the fact that you have to tow-in to ride one sort of ruins the idea for me too. 

Is it loud?

Great, just what we need in the lineup:)

…looks pretty good for someone who have lost the arms…