Waveset Adapter

Hey everyone! I wanted to chime in with something I have created and need your overall opinion on. Good or bad I am all ears! Effectively I have designed an adapter to allow vintage boards with Waveset fin boxes to ride any standard fin from any manufacturer. My company is called The Surf Butler and this is our first product. I give you “The Belvedere” and he is here to serve :slight_smile: In the photo you will see a Rainbow fin that has be fitted to a 1968 Bing Pintail. Think it will ride different?



Looks like that will get alot of vintage boards back in the lineup.       Job well done.

What is the retail price?

I try not to sell direct and instead ask that you reach out to local shops that carry the product.  Mike at Brighton Beach Surf shop in New Jersey has been a wealth of knowledge for me and I cannot say enough great things about him.  If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing one of these please reach out to him.  Here is his number 609-290-4590 and his website is…



-The Surf Butler

Your adapter has a place although pretty limited.  A niche, but a small niche.  I would develop other products to complement it as you have hinted.   Fins to fit Wave Set maybe.

You might want to contact    Eric (Bird)  Huffman, at BIRD’S SURF SHED, in San Diego Ca,     He has a huge inventory of vintage surfboards, as well as customers in search of vintage surfing experiences.    I think he would be an excellent, and productive dealer for you.

Bird is the man!  I was lucky enough to have my cousin introduce me to him a month or so ago.  I dont want to speak for him, but he definitely liked the product :slight_smile:

Nice. Having made a few replacement fins in the day, whittling them out of industrial cutting boards, this is a much better setup. And I always hated casting in some random fin, just to make the board usable.

Going on the assumption that you’re milling these puppies more or less to order, have you ever seen the short version of the Waveset box? Much the same except the fin base is pretty much exactly ( tape measure, not caliper) measures to 8" long, uses the same waveset-like fins as you see in the original Schweitzer Windsurfers, no front to back depth taper, uniform depth. Which, by the way, might be another market for you. The sailboarders have money. 

I’d pull the one out of my old G&S kneeboard to measure but I am not real thrilled about the idea of messing with those ancient screws in the thing. To be continued.

Heh- there are so many extinct fin systems. Variations on this to work with, for instance, Weber Wonder Bolt setups or those odd things with the screw down through the deck that tapped into the fin body, a smart machinist could do quite well.

Nice work


Hey Doc!  We need to talk! I am definitely looking at more boxes to make adapters for.  The Wonderbolt is top on the list and I welcome all ideas from anyone.  I beleive I know what tapered design you are asking about, but I would like to clarify more.  Could you shoot me an e-mail so we could pass photos back and forth or maybe jump on a phone call?  Both contacts are listed below.  Thanks for the positive words! -Norman



Have you contacted Eric at the Beach House in Bay Head?  He has a wealth of information and contacts on vintage boards.

I have not, but definitely will reach out.  Thanks! 

Are you sure that isn’t a Safeset fin/box? There is an Australian copycat version of Waveset that was nearly identical except that the box and fin base were shorter. That is the Safeset system.

The Wonderbolt design was a Tom Morey invention. It was used in Webers, Morey-Pope, Con, and a few others.

Other extinct fin systems are the Hobie "dog bone’, Fins Unlimited 1.0 and 2.0, Guidance, and Hansen Hydro Wedge.

Of those, the only box that might accomodate a retrofit adapter is the Fins Unlimited 2.0, AKA Vari Set. The rest have narrow or odd shaped boxes that would not easily accept an adapter for modern FU fins.

One thing your Waveset adapter seems to lack is the ability to adjust the fin fore and aft.

Thanks for the info!  I have heard alot of those names and plan to continue research and options.  Keep the advice coming though I need it!


In regards to fore and aft adjustment the adapter actually does have space for that, but it is dependant on the length of the base of your fin.  Small base=more adjustment.  We absolutely maxed out the space we were given inside of the Waveset box originally designed by Tom Morey.  I have been meaning to give him a call :slight_smile: anyone have his number?

Could very well be, and now you have me curious enough to pull the fin and have a look. 

to be continued…

Who made the board? It would be rather unusual for a US made board to have a Safeset, but it is possible. Good luck getting that fin out   :wink: