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I’ve begun to have slight leveling problems with my hot and gloss coats. Seems as the resin nears the gelling stage, it turns from nice and smooth, to slightly rippled. Occationally this occurs at a highly localized area on the board with one long ripple. Other times the whole board is covered with slight ripples. Needless to say, it makes for a few fun hours of sanding! Anyone have any idea on what might be causing this?? I’ve looked into air movement, temperature, surface cleanliness - and ruled these parameters out. So, I’m at a loss.

…Are you racks level from side to side ? This can cause separation in a coat.Herb

,Of course contaminates or setting off the coat too hot will do it as well.Herb

…One last thing, don’t over brush the coat.If the coat is setting up in the early stages and is unnoticible,by brushing over the coat excessively,the coat will grab the brush strokes and enhance them as it sets up.Herb

Thanks for the input - I’ve been looking back at my trend of CAT percentages. Could be too hot, maybe. I’ve been fairly consistent. On the really early separation, after I watch it get deeper and deeper, I’ve rebrushed the area before jelling. This helped to recoat the area, but just before jelling the separation begins to come back, though not with as long a wait before jelling. tried barely brushing, and letting it sit - that didn’t work

Sometimes gloss coats will tear, especially lengthwise along the deck, if too much resin has been applied. See if thinner coats help. Do not overbrush once you’ve set your amount/coverage.

Do the ripples come in sets? Are you measuring the faces or from the back? Rob Olliges

might be air moving over your board. Even the slightest waft of air will have adverse affects on your finishing coats

I go along with Drew. You can’t have any air movement when you are glossing.

Add more wax to your mix. It will flow better, what you are describing is orange peal caused by not enough wax solution.

Could also be a rather thick gloss. If so try cross brushing before your final pass.

Thanks to all for the input! Thick gloss coat very well could be the reason - that’ll be the first thing I try. If not - I’ll try pulling back on the amount of catalyst. We’ll see… chesser