Wax Bubbling.. "Pinholes?"

Aloha , I recently went on a little trip vacation/surf trip and took the new fish I had made . I knew I shouldn’t get in the water due to the bulged disc problem I had but was going to if the waves were real nice and not to out of control. Anyways I left the board in the car . It wasn’t real hot but melted the wax a little . Now Then … I noticed some small bubbles in the wax pinhead size . And got to thinking . I bet they were from the board not being sealed totally . (Pinholes) and the heat caused offgassing = Wax Bubbles ??? What do you think ? How can I fix this? it is only in a small area 10-12 inches round. Try to get all the wax off and do another coat of resin?? Will I be able to get enough wax off? Should I not worry about it ? I think it also works the other way . When the board cools - Getting it wet - It will “suck” water in . I’m gonna have some time now while recooping from the surgery I get tomorrow. Should I fool with it or just keep wax on that area to seal it?? Thanks you’all Don J.

I don’t think you can clean the once-molten wax from inside the holes, only sand the surface and fill over them.

Howzit Hotcoat, If the wax got into the pinholes you may not be able to get it out and that means resin won’t adhere. It’s possible the holes were caused by bubbles in the hotcoat that didn’t have time to burst and let the air out before the hotcoat kicked. there might not be any problem if the air doesn’t reach the fiberglass. Just brushing on a hotcoat causes bubbles but they are in the hotcoat not the lamination. Probably OK to just wax over the area which will seal the holes.Aloha,Kokua

Thanks , kokua . Thats what I was thinking too . Just wax over it and hope for the best. It’s just a surfboard “no ones gonna die” ha! … Thought it was interesting , the science of it . I have never seen wax bubble before that I remember. Thanks again for answering me Youv’e been a lot of help to me and many others…Mahalo , Don J…

Usually, gas out, no wax in.

Clear nail polish coat, squeegeed in.

Thanks Lee , Should I try to clean off the wax?? How?? after the obvious , scraping and wiping to get the begining of it off?? Also How to mark where each of the 20? or so pinholes are while doing this… I was only thinking of a brushed on coat of the entire small area after cleaning wax as best as I could… I kinda liked the Idea of waxing the area each time before I go surfing . I will try to take a pic of the small area … There are actual more pinholes than this pic shows … Mahalo thanks for trying to help me …Don J…

Hmm… best method is first scrape off wax in that area, then wipe off residue, then hose it with your clothe washer’s hot water connected to garden hose.

You then wait dry, really squeegee or roller the resin into the pinholes!

A brush only wipes resin on the surface, you need the squeegee to push resin into the holes. Catalysed gloss resin, of course.

Thanks Lee , I don’t know I might just leave it like it is . Wax over it each time . and hope forthe best… I did the squeegee thing once before and must have missed some of the holes … Mahalo Man… Don

Hotcoat, a few years back there was a big problem with the foam that came from Clark blowing/outgassing. I know this is not the same as what you are seeing but it just may end up looking like the same thing. What would happen with the foam outgassing is that after a year or so you would end up with a small brown spot, I took as small pin vice and a small drill. I would take a marker and mark each hole, then drill right through to the foam. After I got one side all drilled I would mix up some water clear epoxy, and dab a small amount in each hole, then wipe with a razor blade. Make sure you use a razor blade, since this will not drag all of the epoxy out of the hole. I repaired many boards this way and I know some of the guys are still surfing the same boards 8 or 9 years later. So I know it not only works but it lasts.

On the deck - I’d put it out in the sun and let the wax melt, then squeege it to push the wax down into the pin holes. Then let it cool and suck wax if it is going to suck.

On the bottom - I would expect you have a problem there too even though you didn’t have the wax bubbles to prove it. I’d find and fix those with epoxy.