wax solution ratio:


I know there are some real pros  here at Sways. that have it nailed

What proportion of wax solution should be added to poly lam resin to get the best results for hotcoating?

To get a good polishing combo can gloss resin be added to the mix to get a primo result?

Herb, Kokoa, Whadayasa?


Gluin’ and Grindin’, Rich

im no expert but i will use about 120 cc’s when im mixing up a gallon of lam resin to turn it into sanding resin, and i dont think there should be much of a problem with mixing some polishing resin with it

I always used the 3% and it work´s good for me. (I buy resin without additives)


and for the gloss coat, the resin mixed up with a little bit of styrene monomer and 3% of wax solution.

hey rich you can use 5% or even more just increase the cat.

its the temp that will get you best results 26 deg c with a rising temp get it on brush it out walk away

   cheers huie

     Howzit halcyon, I basically just add it by eye and I always us those plastic clear quart tubs with the oz's marked on the outside and put in enough so I can see 1/8"-3/16" of SA floating on top of the resin for a pint or more, never was one for being that accurate when it comes to some chemicals but I can say it works just great. Aloha,Kokua

i use to be very calculating about my mixes.

huie said 5% .

that's what basham's sells.

3% is fine too.

lately ,i been just making my own with styrene and parafin wax.


    Hozit Herb, I think that the longer we make boards we learn that some of the processes don't need to be as precise as we used to. Bobby Allen who ran Russels Brotherhood factory never uses a measuring cup for anything and when it comes to catalyst he just puts a couple of squirts in the resin bucket and starts glassing away. I know the only time I bring out the little measuring cup is for laminating with catalyst and when Glossing, other than those I just wing it by eye. It makes me thinkthat after  certain length of time we get an automatic measuring devise in our head and just know exactly how much of what ever to add. It's not like I am getting lazy but like I am just sure about the amounts. I think you know exactly what I am talking about since you hve been inthe business for a long timejust as I have and there are quite a few others that have put in their time and probably have the same ability. Aloha,Kokua

ya wilddog,

it's like being a cook..............after awhile you just add by eyeballing.