Wayne Lynch , footage

A few years ago on a local tv show (surf,that is),they ran an item on Wayne Lynch.

There was an interview,with him sitting in some ruins.I got the impression it was an old prison in Tasmania,going by the weather and vegetation.

It also featured some awesome , current film of him surfing.Waves double ohd.,long super clean lefthanders.I thought it might be Fiji but he's wearing a spring suit and the camera angle seems to be from the beach rather than a boat.There were a couple of 'jet ski in front of ' shots too.He rode a board with  black rails and a yellow deck if memory serves. 

There’s a couple of shots at the end of that Surfers Journal vid about him that could be from the same day,but I remember the waves as much steeper and hollower and he was surfing far more vertically.

Ring any bells ? Was it ever released commercially ?

Thanks in advance for any answers.