Wayne Lynch

I'm well past the hero stage , but if I've got any in surfing , this guy's one of 'em.

Can't seem to embed vids anymore



check his surfing after the 3 min. mark -


Forgot there was a bit of a story with the vid



who did that ? embedded the vid ? does it happen automatically ?

really nice, fuzzy feeling after pushing my 7 year old into some good waves this week.

thanks very much for posting this , Nukes !


Wayne Lynch , absolute LEGEND !!


 I hope this is released on dvd , I'd LOVE to see it !


 Michael Peterson's famous quote of " how he learnt how to do cutbacks , watching footage of Wayne in the mirror " , shows me the influence he had / has .

 I have two photos , that illustrate that ...one a frame grab of Wayne , from the video , "sea of joy"...the other Michael from , of course , "morning of the earth " .


mick waters makes some good movies , swaylock's 'Oldy' knows him well....


  cheers !




who did that ? embedded the vid ? does it happen automatically ?


Moderator behind the scenes, just trying to help out where I can, I tend to embed pics or videos when there is a link, just cuz it makes it so much easier to enjoy / follow the post / thread.  Hope nobody minds  =)

That a boy, Huck!  That’s what a good moderator should do.  Good Work…