We need your Support!

I have started a surf design company here in Jacksonvile Beach, Florida.

First Coast Surf Co., LLC is launching a funding campaign on

IndieGoGo.com. Our first product is a new fun-ctional surf product that is a cross between a surf bootie

and a yoga sock. It's called the CrossStep Footwear(patent pending).

All of the supportors will receive some cool perks( t-shirts, dvd's hats decals, etc).

i am sorry it took so long, but I really wanted make sure of everything,

and my wife's car accident two weeks delayed our launch.

you can find us  at


Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!



Dan Salimone




here's a close up..now mind you this is one of the crude, very functional prototypes..

the finished ones will look ..well finished..pretty  ;-)

i got a call last night from a contact in the skimboarding industry..

said this is exactly what they need to protect the ankle, has some grip,

but also leave the ball of foot and heel free...never skimboarded myself..

so i gotta take his word on it..

wow..didn't see that coming, but very welcomed..

Here is my personal one that I have re-designed, after the many insights that i have received from you guys!

I am trying to get a more polished and sleekier, functional look..and yes those are my gnarley, banged feet..now you know why i made it ! I am using a Goofboard(thank-you Armin) balance trainer in the picture..i love this piece of equipment, and so do my two daughters!


thanx for looking

well after much input, we're goin to

re-design the CrossStep..it should take a week or two depends..

as far as how crowdfunding works.because i've had some questions(it's all new to me too)

how much? anything..because once my campaign gets donations, others who tune in  and like to fund projects will

start helping out..plus you can get a cool gift for donating....

you see i went to some wetsuit companies, and a yoga sock one too..

and they're too comfortable doing what they're doing..

me?..i want stuff that works..better

so any help will greatly be appreciated and remembered!

well if you guys get a chance we've made some changes to our campiagn...

somehow i caught the attention of two companies.

.who want me to make a  more polished small, medium, and large prototype

for testing .evaluation...

so we've downsized our needs to meet this opportunity...

as mentioned before..any help  or passing this along to tohers is  greatly appreciated.





Is this a rehash of an earlier thread ?

nope.. a new development..

thanx for asking..


5  replies to yourself, I shooda know and just ignored it like the rest of the guys....

Im so sorry.... my bad....

why so serious?