Web Fused Carbon Tape

Anyone been using this? I’ve got some of the 5 strand. Having real issues getting it to lay down in a straight line over the length of the board. Anyone got any tips?!

It holds its line pretty well in our experience. We have 6 or 7 types? No troubles

Do you wet it out before the glass and get it looking straight, then glass over the top?

No. Just lay it under the glass. It generally just stays straight. Cloth rolled up to center. … tack logos down… wet a bibitg in the center of the cloth to tack tghe strip down… roll cloth out and lam… just don’t over work it.
I’ve seen some people install it first and then lam over.

Something like this?
I used masking tape at the ends, and a small brush of epoxy to wet it. Wait till it goes to b stage, and glass like normal


Looks good! I haven’t seen it used over a whole bottom before.

Cheers. I always end up overworking the carbon strips so the come out like dreadlocks! It’s so hard to not get air trapped in between the innegra and carbon

It’s not exactly the same stuff. Mine was individual lines of twaron, not carbon. It was added to reinforce a nylon fabric. Nylon is more elastic than fiberglass, so it compensates.

Other than looking cool, I don’t think 4 lines of carbon on the flat of the deck would do much.

Also, I used microballoons between as filler. Otherwise resin will fill it, and you add a lot of weight.

Or the fibers telegraph through, and you get a bunch of ridges.