Webber Fatburner

Well said, Oneula. One guy makes an enthnic remark and it’s kind of clever and cute. When a bunch follow up it starts to sound like xenophobia, ethnocentrism, or racism. I’m not calling anyone here a racist. Just what it “sounds like.” Maybe it’s time to drop this and talk design? By the way. Boards built in China or any other country and sold in the USA do not bother me in the least. Competition is good. Mike

Not neccessarily funny and actually kind of sad but definitely a sign post for where it’s all going.

Webber, Schaper, Walden all hooking up with Cobra.

Next in line HIC, T&C, Merrick and who’s left???

As far as design just a higher performance funboard

I think Merrick’s Retro wing swallow would be a better ride.

I wonder when that will be available as an epoxy…

*funny you should say Merrick…he just sold off four designs to GSI. they are going to be sold under the brand “Anacapa”

This has turned into quite an interesting thread. Initially, it was created to find out more info about two specific shapes. However, it seems to have stirred up some pretty strong feelings about overseas board making, sales ethics and ethnic diversion. This was not my intention.

If anyone has hands-on information regarding these shapes and how they ride, please let me know. Having held one in my hands, I like the feel of these planshapes. They seem to fit my size and style of surfing. I also welcome info on similar shapes such as Simon Anderson and CI or any other others that you may feel relevant.

FYI, I’m not going to buy one of these boards, even if it was made by John “American” Doe in Carlsbad. I’m planning on making a similar board for myself and am just looking for feedback.

" Anyone?..Bueller?


Ah sorry if some were offended, i’m asian and 1st generation here in the us. I don’t want to explain it but . . . maybe its just a thing here in southern california, but growing up, (1st generation kids), we always imitated our parents in a joking way.

The adults and elders would get upset, but eventually would laugh. The group I hung out in school was ‘pan-asian’ (different) and we all did the same thing.

We even used to always frequent a chinese restaurant (not the 99¢ kind) and do lame kung fu or talk and move our mouths out of sync. The staff were all born and raised in Hong Kong and Taiwan, would laugh, but they knew us.

I kinda carry it over.

I’d hope the disclaimer, all kidding aside . . . would work. So didn’t mean anything demeaning.

I still stand that surfboards should be made by people who surf.

Oh my god, not another it’s all going to china thread.

OK here’s the stick who has next dibs on this horse?

Allright I think this thread started out as useful and I myself kind of like the shape as well. So any one have some dimensions on a fatburner or something similar?


opps forgot to throw this in.

I have a board same outline as the afterburner, a bill johnson swallow tail 6’2 19 in wide. The rocker is the same (pu version of webber). Wide point is a little back (CJ the pro surfer its designed for is a back foot surfer). It is really loose and the flattened rocker lets me use it on 2-3 ft wavage. WIth a futures vector and hatchet, man it goes all over the place. My first impression was that it was too maneuverable, but I kept it. On OH+ though it gets unstable (with old plastic fins and new hatchet / vectors), its weird cuz swallow tails are supposed to do well in OH. On small waves it doesn’t have drive, and I have to pump it it get it going (as opposed to the FLyer of same dims). I need to work on my pumping skills.

The wide pt is slightly back (compared to the afterburner) and does not have a double concave, but single concave and a single channel into the fins, followed by a double concave. I’m wondering if the channel was put in there to hold the tracking down . Mine also has a double bump and it has a thruster style small swallow tail, but the inside is curved like a fish’s (the afterburner is more straight). The rails of mine are thinner than the afterburner.

Comparing this to my MBM or Flyer (squash), is swallow tails are looser than a squash, and easier to go rail to rail, but are less forgiving than a squash.

See if you can demo the boards, one shop I saw had both a used afterburner and used fatburner pu edition.

You probably already visited webbersurfboards.com , but I’m putting it up cuz no one hasn’t.

Hi SrPato

I bought a 6’8" Afterburner in Sydney Oz in August 2004, first commercial purchase in 15 years!.

I only rode it a dozen or so times in ordinary waves before relocating o/s so I cant give a

full evaluation.

First riding impressions were that it was very loose and not that much drive.

Very good for pocket surfing beach breaks, not my normal style so it was a good challenge.

It was a little tricky on my backhand (felt stiff), probably due to lack of familiarity.

The overall dimesions were remarkably similar to what I make myself (one reason I bought it)

except the fins were towed quite a lot (for me) at 1/4 inch and it had SD concave as opposed

to my usual flat and 6 channel. Paddling and surfing it felt a little more voluminous than

It looked.

I have to say irrespective of where or what shaped it, it is very accurate symmetrically and beautifully finished!

Hope that helps


Hiro & Andrew,

THanks for the input. THis is exactly what I was looking for.




I’ll stop by tomorrow to snag the dims off the board and check for the Made in… stamp.

Snag the dims. That’s a good one. Of all the sh** I’ve heard this takes the cake.

I have to side with Onuela and Windwave on this one.

I didn’t find the “Wonnut” banter too funny. I was actually kind of disturbed and was glad when Onuela spoke up.

My family’s Japanese and has been in the USA for foiur generations (California and Hawaii…if you consider Hawaii, pre-statehood, the USA…not) . Maybe what a first generation Asian doesn’t understand is how hellish the prejudices were fifty to hundred years ago for Asians, from taunts (probably very similar to the taunts found in this thread) to the downright unconstitutional imprisonment of an entire population.

I have to say I’m saddened that some people think this is the funniest post they’ve read in awhile. What does that say??

As far as the board production, if I was in the industry I wouldn’t necessarily be moving my operations over there so I could import a cheaper product back here. I would be trying to tap into THEIR market. Has anyone out there seen some of the recent articles on the surf in China? Get there now and surf the golden age (like Malibu in the 40’s) and be there to get rich when THEY figure out how bitchin surfing is.

Lighten up Skip!

Like I said, “I’m planning on making a similar board for myself and am just looking for feedback.” I’m not taking someone elses design and claiming it as my own. Nor do I plan on selling or marketing the board.

It’s ironic you get so riled up on my statement. It’s funny how you can talk of all the soul boards in your quiver and then like the “Affordable” outsourced copy and want to copy it. Why even bring it up if you don’t like the impression that is left here. Why not ask Walden about the board? Bring your tape measure, I bet he’d kick you out of the shop.

Geez, what’s up with you today? Why did you post that response if you weren’t fishing for a reply?

I’m not sure what you’re refering to when you say that I talk of “all the soul boards in MY quiver”. My quiver is quite varied and is not based on “Soul Boards”.

Are you saying that I’m leaving a bad impression here by wanting to make my own version of a pro shaper’s board? I’d hardly think Webber would be concerned with that. Years ago I made a copy of one of Pat Ryan’s (E.T. surfboards) boards and told him about it. He said “All Right!”. Do you think Skip Frye is concerned that I made a similar copy of one of his, that I happen to own? What about Steve Lis, Rusty, Robert August, Hap Jacobs; do think any of them feel threatened that a backyard board builder wanted to try to make a copy of their boards? Sure, I’ll bet they’d prefer that you buy one of theirs, but on the other hand, why shouldn’t they be flattered?

I have no problem asking Walden about the boards he carries, it’s just easier if he’s actually present at the time. And I certainly wouldn’t just whip out a tape measure without asking him first.

This is probably a good subject to post on a separate thread.

If you don’t like the webber fatburner because it is made in china why not go to the local board maker(shaper) and place an order , tell him/her what you want and pay a deposit and a few weeks later you can walk down the beach with a local masterpiece ( hand made) under your arm . Knowing that your hard earned cash has stayed localy and will probably come back to you in the future.