Webber Fatburner

Does anyone have one? How about the Afterburner? Likes/dislikes? I just checked out both boards at Walden’s shop today and they look really nice and affordable.



I looked at those real closely after Black Monday, and was about to pull the trigger and buy one and found out all of the ones in this area (San Diego) were made in China. I liked the shape a lot, looked like a fun board, but I want someone who surfs to shape my boards! Find out where it was shaped if that concerns you.

Hmmmmmm…that is interesting. Walden does have an entire rack of Blues and 7’s so it’s not a stretch for these to be made overseas. I still like the design; does anyone have the dims on these boards? Looks like I may have to make my own. :)~

made in the peoples republic of china


and was about to pull the trigger and buy one and found out all of the ones in this area (San Diego) were made in China. I liked the shape a lot, looked like a fun board, but I want someone who surfs to shape my boards! Find out where it was shaped if that concerns you.

I did a Goggle search and found out that these Webber surfboards are in fact hand shaped by legendary surfer/shaper Wan Fat Wan, hence the “fat” in “fatburner”. The “afterburner” model was shaped espeically for the conditions in Sichuan Province.

You could look it up…

Yes Webber has sold the rights to the Webber brand to GSI who are the distribution arm of Cobra International based in Thailand they manufacturer Surftech. If you see a Webber in a store the Cobra boards tend to have a gloss polish.

As of July 1 2005 Made in Thailand had to be permanent on the board.

Funny, but i have to call you out on this one Nels…your lying about the shaper, the shapers name is Wonnut Hung Tu Lo he is a famous eunuch shaper from China’s mid section. Had a horrible surfing accident, and now doesn’t have the nads to surf big water, all he does is shape in his back room and reminisce.

Thought you’d like the straight story.

All the Webbers I have seen that are made oveseas (asia) have all been twisted as hell. You can place them on the ground with fins installed and one fin will be 1/2" off the ground.

OK if your going to asia for production, but damn atleast do some quality inspection.

The look bad. Also the foils were funky.


THanks for the info. I’ll stop by tomorrow to snag the dims off the board and check for the Made in… stamp. It seems to me that there was a big Greg Webber signature on the tail in pencil but it could just be a fake. Oh well…

all signed with a stencil

Wonnut’s apprentice and ghost shaper goes by the name of Dunno Hao Toshap. he is a rising str in the chinese surfing tour, apparently no one wins the contest and everyone gets the same amount of money. I don’t know how they make competition possible where everyone is supposed to be equal.

Wonnut Hung Tu Lo

brilliant resinhead, i’m still laughing!

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh…you’re killing me!!! I can’t breathe!!!

Probably the funniest thread I’ve read on here in a while. Good Job. Sr. Pato if you are looking for a board like the afterburner, and have no shaping skills like me, Simon Anderson makes a board called “The Peoples Fish” that is similiar. I picked one up and it is a gas to ride, a great board. There is some guy in orange county that is importing australian boards and that are made in Australia. I talked to him before I picked it up, as I wanted to make sure. Wo Fat, Hung lo, No Go, etc wasn’t the shaper. His website is www.Coolsurfboards.com.


Funny, but i have to call you out on this one Nels…your lying about the shaper, the shapers name is Wonnut Hung Tu Lo he is a famous eunuch shaper from China’s mid section.

I put all the blame on my use of the Goggle search engine…who would have thought they would have led me so astray? After all, their tracking data about me seems so accurate that I hardly ever get any email from Viagra suppliers or the U.S. Homeland Security office that isn’t appropriate.

At any rate, I stand corrected. So do they call that board the “fatburner” because it comes from China’s “midsection”?

In reality it’s a skinny whiteboy(Webber) looking to pad his pockets from the under paid labor of an oppressed but hard working crew. Just another classic tale of a haole trying to get rich off a bunch of foreigners who don’t know any better that’s all…

Then again who can blame him with what everyone else is doing.

Not neccessarily funny and actually kind of sad but definitely a sign post for where it’s all going.

Webber, Schaper, Walden all hooking up with Cobra.

Next in line HIC, T&C, Merrick and who’s left???

As far as design just a higher performance funboard

I think Merrick’s Retro wing swallow would be a better ride.

I wonder when that will be available as an epoxy…

Funny thread.

“Herrow, Wung-Sing tak oh. Ordor peas.”

“Yeah I’ll have orange chickin.” ‘Oran Sheik-in’. “Kung pao chicken.” ‘Kung pao.’ “Egg drop soup” . ‘Aeg draw sue’. “and do you have a surfboards?” ‘Yesh, Muy-Bang! Sofa ordah.’

takes college kid out back

'Herrow. Any collugh. Any shaep. swa-woah tay. rowe pi. squaw. GUUN. We have. twee fin. tourista, like Sai Mu Anna-son. Yersh. We take oh ordor! Wha cha wan? “CI surfboards, Flyer” See Eye? Ok, heeya. Dis boa. pulls a warped surfboard with fresh catalyst smell FL Liee Er. “Flyer, cool”.

Points at the tail and dims and pencil

Rye Deyr! Bye Ahh LL Moawerreey. Chinnie Eyelids! Hol on. We get Santa Kooz grass lamb. Onnny take an owah. Way here. onny an owah. ’

The chinese can copy signatures too. And forge them. :þ

I saw this off of harbour the other day: classic!

WU don’t surf!!!

all kidding aside . . .

I thinks it’s both sides are reason to blame. Its our fault chinese boards are proliferating. Lots of top industry shapers are turning outside for boards for cheap. Can’t blame the Chinese for trying to make buck . . . everyone’s trying to make some money. There’s better, more honorable, environmental friendly ways . . . rarely chosen though . . .

Eventually Chinese coastal villages will clue in on surfing . . . then they will surf . . . then those that do might realize the backyard roots and return to them.

seems funny but it’s not

it’s actually kind of insulting

especially for those of us who come here of chinese ancestry

I could say the same thing about the drugged out lazy ass white skinned crew that make up most of the “surfboard industry” but then no one would understand the underlying prejudice of that argument.

We hung out this weekend with one of your great Won Fat board makers of the name Charlie Wong who ran Naish’s factory for years till he came down with epoxy toxin exposure and now can’t go near it. I didn’t hear any yellow hair custer jokes as he told us of how the little ladies at cobra would kick 90% of the glassers asses here in the US head to head.


Cause they do it perfectly for 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week with out any care about you or me.

Even some nobody here (not) named Mike Casey agreed that the stuff they are capable of doing out their could never be done with the speed and finesse that these ladies and men do while you play your silly games living “the life”…

Think about that one for a bit…

You have no idea unless you’ve been there, everyone that has, has changed their opinion of what they can do.

I’ve met Hiroprotagonist at a couple of Swaylocks events…

Oneula , you might be suprised…

Smile ,have fun , ride some waves…


personaly i raise my beer and salute wonnut, because after hes done a hard 10 hour day work swingen that 3rd century planer that been handed down since the ming dynasty shapin that webber fat burner. he loads up the family on that new moped he can finally afford junior in the basket big sis and the mom on back he motors off to the surftech plant where he shapes the merricks, beckers, and sadly the robert august signature tuflite creations. all the while thinkin to himself ah those crazy americans why do they such cheap shit. well really he dont care hes getting his 2 to 5 bucks a day and the whole family is working juniors polishing the boards, moms installing the fake fcs plugs and sis is loading them into boxes and shoven em out the door.is it their fault that the us board makers want more profit? i say no. hell if i could make 45 bucks a board with just putting my signature on it wouldnt you? and they swear that hey its not digging into my custom work it makes it worth more and the orders are still flying in and my shapers and employees are all busy.the real person i feel sorry for is little johnny he goes paddling out all stoked that his parents finally broke down and bought him that merrick board he always wanted and shows his buddys and then he finds out hey thats nots real it was on sale at wal mart its an eggcrate made in china stoke killed again by the almighty dollar.so in the future maybe we should just get used to the label unboxed in america.and if butch towers is still shaping boards in oxnard i need a new one my last one only lasted 6 years.