Weber Performer Info

Hello All

Looking for some history on this board. Just picked it up off of craigslist. The story goes it was surfed in the 60s until the owner moved out of state and left it in his parents garage rafters. Grandson found it and sold it to me. There are no dims at all anywhere visible on the board and no signatures which i found to be pretty odd. Its a 10ft and weighs what feels like 40lbs. I plan on surfing it. Just looking for some info. 

Nobody signed Boards back then. Ghost shapers were just that Ghost.  The Proformer was perhaps the Best selling board of the time.  I’m sure it was on the East Coast. Weber team were up and down the coast Promoting Webers.   That Board looks great you have a nice peice of surf history there. 

Correct, Picked it up near the Jersey Shore, Now resides in Brooklyn.

Thing feels like a tank. So this would be considered a pop out style board.

Was wishing it had some more interesting history to it. Im happy with it none the less.


Thanks Artz

You have the original “Hatchet” fin with a wonder bolt box, one of the early removable box systems.  The Performer was a pretty good board for its time.  I’ll take a guess and say it was built around 1966-1967.  Goggle Dewey Weber for more information.

Just noticed you have a Weber grill too.  No connection.  I just love those Webers.

Those were real good boards at the time. Where in New Jersey did you find it? One of the larger Weber dealers was a the old USO beach at the Long Branch/Monmouth Beach line. Weight is probably closer to 28lbs.




Grew up near longbranch  not sure where it was surfed but i picked it up in east brunswick  


Good eye 

Apparantly i love them too


My guess…

Judging by the stringers and wonder bolt fin

Late 66.

As Dewey was offering a choice in “scoops”

I.e. mild, med and full.

I do believe a very early W.A.V.E. SET/ Morey/Pope creation that Dewey bought into.

Production of the performer was basically 3 versions from 65-67.

Also shaping was handled by “shapers helpers” and a  “Able Gomes type contraption” that laid out the rocker.

Harold Iggy Ige was (suppose) to shape all of them.

A lot of the ghosts have names now.

And many, many stories of what all went on.

Here is photo one, an early 66 retro fitted with a prior to wonder bolt set.

a box with the fin resin’d into said box.

Pre leash days it was horrify to have your performer go in upside down and nose first.

You could just see the fin shake as the super scoop hit the rocky bottom.

Da “nose bumper” helped, a little

Have fun!

Oh and put that puppy on the rail!