weber winger

good morning all.

friend dropped by to use my shaping shed yesterday and brought with him a board that i had never seen one of before.  it is a 5’10, probably early 70’s fish/single with a distinct v bottom, not concaves, and a single fin box.  no leash cup. most distinctive feature is the “wingers” coming out of the sides of the back rails.  the board has been reglossed, but doesn’t look to be otherwise touched.  he said that the wingers were originally in their own fin boxes???, but are now glassed in. there’s no evidence that there were ever fins on the bottom of the board in the usual fish position, but they could’ve been sanded off.  no identifier on the board bottom as to who shaped, etc…but on the deck we can faintly see in the foam: #9.  logo says weber.  back by the fin box it says “winger”.

i’m very curious about this board. Any of you all remember this one?





closeup of wingers















I always thought that those looked completely functional and totally dangerous. Never rode one.  I rode for Weber and they came out after I had switched to G&S.  I think someone else made a version too.  Redwood stringer … those shaped soooo nice

Nice find! That would be the earliest use of the rail blade concept I've seen. I'd date the board at 71-72, and I have some vague recollections of a mag ad or something, now that your pics have jogged my memory. Shaped-in wings started about 72-73 (in wide use), probably ''replacing'' the blade. If that's a Dewey Weber, I should ask Donnie Mulhern about it - but he may have moved to Florida by that time.

Check this thread for some more recent versions:

I think the Weber Winger was Dewey’s response to wings which were originally “fang” tails.  Narrow redwood stringer would have probably put that into the 72-73 time frame I think … probably Dewey’s 73 model year.  Swallows kinda hit during the 1972 world contest (fall of 72) with the Aipa boys although they were around on early fish a bit before that.  Mulhern was doing MTB with DT by this time.  The label tells a bit too … Dewey was trying to update that to a more 70’s look.



Greg is right. That was Weber’s intial response to the “wing” trend of the time. Basically, they took a standard outline and added glass wings during the glassing process.


Here we have a Weber ad from July of '74.



The ad copy sounds like a lot of BS, to me.

Yea … That would put Donnie in FL.  Thanks Sammy

   Howzit Sammy,Somebody forgot to put a fin on that board, did they actually think those wings would take the place of a fin. By 73 I was on Kauai and never saw those til tonight. Aloha,Kokua

that would be it as in the ad: the flying fish singlefin winger.


thanks for the info, guys.