Just putting my website together on OS X. Anyone have any tips/advice on software etc?

Stop sniffing glue man!!!

The logo is great, but I wouldn’t promote it 1/16th finished.

PM me if you need any help…

Always happy to assist for a fellow Swayman…

Yeah, you’ve got a point. Maybe later.


all my 2008 site is being built with it by me… at the moment… by myself.

im learning as i go…



Aloha Deanbo:

There is a relatively inexpensive package called Sandvox that is really nice, very similar to RapidWeaver, has a lot of really good templates to start from that can get you a nice looking site.

Of course you can always try iWeb that comes with the iLife package it is very easy to learn to use.

I personally use Coda and Dreamweaver but these lean a little more to the programmer types!


For laying out or styling css based sites CSSEdit is excellent as well. It’s the only editor I’ve used which does real WYSIWG editing of CSS based layouts. Like Coda and Dreamweaver it’s a bit more techy than the template driven stuff. I’d agree on iWeb if you want something really simple to learn.

I’m not sure how much coding experience you have or how familiar you are with a computer, but I often will use iWeb (comes stock with tiger & leopard). Definitely not the most powerful program in the world, but by far the most user friendly I have ever worked with.

If your going for the real deal, go Adobe CS3 (Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, …) PM me and I can send you a copy and save you the $1800.

Thanks for the offer but I’ve got Dreamweaver covered. Just seeing what else is around.

For once I can give deanbo advice! I agree with handshaper and briano- iWeb. If you find this too easy and not robust enough, take briano up on the Dreamweaver offer

Aloha muhleder:

I could not agree more CSSEdit is something I use all of the time, could not live without it for handling all of the CSS editing!