wedding board plus ONE MORE

Well I made it through my wedding, got to actually ride the surfboard during the wedding. It looks great with all the signatures and just needs the gloss coat to make it shine. So after the wedding we start opening up all the cards and we made bank, it was awesome. We were able to pay off our debts, and put away enough money to secure our boat trip to fiji for a week, my parents also got us a weeks stay in australia before fiji so it is going to be awesome. But I still wasnt satisfied…so…I decided to splurge with something else…

Got to looking at Icons of Surf website and the boards just looked to good to pass up at my time of good fortune, so i consulted with the wife and she said I could get one board and the rest of the money would be saved, WHAT A GREAT WIFE!!! After a long thoughtful perusal, I came upon a beautiful 9’6" Bing gold standard, I felt bad paying the price, but i thought when again am i going to buy a surfboard with other peoples money. Needless to say, the board will be making it to the dirty jersey sometime early next week and will hopefully become the go to board, the other 11 will just have to wait for their day. Sorry to be so boastful but no one at my job cares about surfing and i needed to brag to somebody…thanks


“no one at my job cares about surfing”

same with my school besides my brother and my freind