wedge stringer flex and five fin bonzer

would the flex tail work with the f/f bonzer set up? Or, does the lift created by the bottom contours prefer to work within the original rocker a more rigid tail would offer?

Getting proper flex is difficult w/o making areas more flexy by using the wedge.

1.) Look at each fin box and fin attachment as a stiffener. Kind of like a welded gusset on a bike frame. These are super stifff compared to the rest of the areas. Promoting flex in the rest of these areas could act as an elastic hinge. Usually, discontinuous rocker is not a good thing.

2.) The deep contours are stiffeners as well. Take a sheet of paper and watch how flimsy it is when flat. Roll the sheet and try to bend it. We’ve found that even the slightest bit of bottom shape affects flex (and response).

3.) The other component to flex (which I’ve been testing a bit over the last year or so) is lateral. Imagine the middle of the board flexing down and the rails staying relatively in place, kind of like a drum head. This flex would be increased w/o the shear panel strength from a decent stringer. Granted, this can be a good thing as we found on our concaved-deck boards that distinctly flexed in the middle; however, this center-body flex may not be too desirable off the tail especially when combined with item 1…

…hope this is useful, Mr. Goons